Tuesday Photo Challenge – Antique

We have lived in the current house for twenty-five years. Most of the original furniture was recycled and replaced. We have two pieces of furniture with us still. One is the solid teak sideboard we acquired from an antique auction. I like it because of its elegant design. When we want to move it, after taking out all the drawers, it still needs four to six big guys to carry it. If I had lost the keys, I don’t know where to have the keys made because the keys are round instead of flat.

Another piece of aged old furniture is the dining table. We can’t move it around easily either. The 1/4-inch-thick baffled glass top needs four guys to lift it up and carry it. The frame and legs are brass. We only polish them when we have a party. Under the glass top is a one-piece mural carved on black surface lacquer wood. It depicts a scene of a prominent figure having a party with his wife, officials in his courtyard and served by many servants.

These are the two pieces of aged old – antique collections we continue to keep.

age 1

age 2

age 3

Frank’s Dutch Goes the Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Antique


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