Poet of the Week for Colleen’s Poetry Challenge “Treasure & Bewitch”

Thank you, Colleen, for choosing me to be the poet of the week. Please head over to read other poets’ creative poems. ❤

Word Craft Poetry


Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Recap featuring the work of poets from around the globe. If you would like to participate in this challenge, you can learn the rules on the menu item called Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Guidelines.

Each week, I like to highlight a poet who I call the Poet of the Week, who has shared an exceptional message, or shown an impassioned creativity through words or form. Poetry is all about perception, so don’t be shocked if you don’t feel the same way about a poem that I do. ❤


This week, I’ve chosen as the Poet of the week, Miriam Hurdle, from her blog, theshowerofblessings.wordpress.com.

I was drawn to this Cinquain because of the simplicity of the words describing a rose. What really surprised me was her choice of the word, “chroma,” which means purity or intensity of color.

That one word makes this…

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