Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

Action in the air, on the ridge of the high mountains, and in the depth of the ocean – a conservative description of my husband.

My husband is adventurous. He is a helicopter pilot. He keeps his pilot license active but doesn’t fly anymore because the air traffic in southern California is too busy. When he flew, he had a close call experience with a police helicopter. Helicopters are not within the control of Air Traffic Control and pilots must use their judgments.

My hubby rode dirt bikes, but he quit before he got married because I worried to death about his safety. He broke his wrist and ankle three weeks before our wedding. Walking down the aisle with a crutch was the decision, that’s part of life.

He is a diver. Diving was something he continued to do until the Key West trip in 2011. He dived in Aruba, Australia, Maui in Hawaii several times, North Carolina, southern California, and Key West in Florida.

3.NC Diving 036 (2)a

Trancient - dolphin 3

Diving is not my cup of tea, so when we were in Maui, we went jet skiing and kayaking. On all the other diving trips, I stayed in the boats. We saw dolphins on several trips. He swam with the dolphins a couple times. The deepest dive he had was a wreck diving at North Carolina. The guys went 120 feet deep. One guy stayed in the deep water for too long. When he came up to the surface, he had to decompress before getting out of the water.



The thrill of diving slows down and he doesn’t have the urge to do it anymore. Travel on land tour is what we do in the last several years.


Patti Moed at Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

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