Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences

The theme for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week is Fences. There are fences near and far, close to home and around the globe. Some fences are made with rod iron, wood, stones, cement, plants, flowers, lava rocks or a combination of the above. The functions of the fences are to be for prohibition, protection, security, divider, or beauty. In this post, I have included some examples of the forms and functions of the fences.

1.1 Cherry Blossom Japan

Cherry blossoms between the stone and wooden fences in Japan.

5 IMG_1414 Germany16- Eagle's Nest, Bavarian Alps

Wooden railing along the steps and path to the Eagle’s Nest in Bavarian Alps, Germany. We toured inside of the building as well as enjoyed the sight of the mountain range.

6 IMG_1614 Johann Strauss II, Vienna

Low shrubs and flowers fenced in the statute ofย Johann Strauss II in Vienna, Austria. We went to a Mozart/Strauss Concert in Vienna.

7 IMG_1345 Mozart's Statute, Salzburg

Rod iron fence keeps the statute ofย Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in a small distance of the admirers, like me. In contrast to the image I have seen, all the sculptures, paintings, and souvenirs of Mozart in Salzburg, Austria have him in nice and managed hairstyle.

lava rock 3

The high and low fences in this part of Maui, Hawaii are made with lava rocks. My husband and I were married on the beach beyond this rock fence.

3 IMG_6325 Arboretum.LA CA

The Los Angeles Arboretum houses many peacocks. They freely roam on the ground, the fences, or jump on the picnic tables with visitors around.

1.2 b21 Windsor Castle

Winsor Castle in London is partially open to the public. Visitors stop at the rod iron fence. The day we visited, the Queen was not at “home.” She was visiting a college.

2 c31 Longleat

My favorite cottage in Longleat, Somerset, United Kingdom is fenced in this cozy area.


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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10 – Fences



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