Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #11: Small Is Beautiful

For this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge, Amy chose ”Small Is Beautiful” for the theme.

I have some wonderful small creatures in my garden. They are all beautiful and keep my life cheerful year round.

bug 7

I was surprised by the visit of this beauty. This is Mourning Cloak butterfly by its Common name. The scientific name is Nymphalis antiopa. A very distinctive and charismatic butterfly, best known for its conspicuous activity in late winter, flying and acting territorial before any trees have leafed out or any wildflowers are active.

bug 2 Danaus plexippus Monach butterfly

The Danaus plexippus is best known for its common name Monarch. The migration is mainly across North America each summer and autumn to-and-from the West Coast of California or mountainous sites in Central Mexico.

bumble bee 4

Occasionally, the bumblebees came to pay the flowers a visit.

House Finch 2

As far as birds, I’m delighted to have different birds in my garden. The House finches are the regular visitors. One year the birds made a nest, the female bird laid three eggs and hatched four birds.

White Crowned Sparrow 2

The White-crowned sparrow is one of the sparrows enjoys the regular feeding.

Mourning dove

There are about 20 mourning doves come for the feeding. They perch on the wires around 4:00 p.m. waiting for me to put out the seeds. Sometimes I forget, like today, many of them landed on my patio floor to remind me that they were hungry.

baby 4

Last year two baby mourning doves were born in my front yard. I noticed that the male and female doves took turns to incubate the eggs. When the baby doves were ready to fly, the size was almost like an adult dove.

Whyhad bird 1

I had a new visitor on June 17, 2018. It was a beautiful bird with its graceful long tail which is twice the length of its body. The sharp contrast of black and white feathers with an orange beak wouldn’t escape from anyone’s sight. I found out later that this is Pin-tailed Whydah. It was his only visit.

California Scrub- Jay1

This pair of California Scrub-jay only made a brief visit two weeks ago.


Early this month there was a group of Golden finches came to feast on the sunflower seeds. When the flowers are gone, they disappeared.


My baby hummingbird is growing, flying back and forth from the front yard to the backyard and suspends in the air for a longer duration. He is still shorter and has a narrower wingspan than papa and mama.

IMG_8180 (3)

Baby hummingbird’s first portrait!

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