Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge – Vigor & Energy

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge this week, the prompt is Vigor and Energy, Synonyms Only.

I was invited to do a PowerPoint presentation on Thursday, September 22, 2018, to a group of writers and authors. Some members of this group have published many books without many sales. The coordinator of this group asked me to demonstrate how to create a blog as part of networking and promotion of their books.


In addition to the process of creating a blog, I included some websites from WordPress and some blogs provide blogging tips and support, networking, and promotion. These blogs have been a personal help to me. I was able to answer their questions regarding the following blogs.

Sally Cronon at

Colleen Chesebro at

Debby Gies at

Hugh W. Roberts at

There was a question and answer at the end of the presentation. Some members expressed that they were busy with their current involvement. My response was it was a matter of priority. It would be their choice whether or not to promote their books. There are local activities of book promotion. A book signing event is scheduled to be on October 2, 2018, for fifteen authors. A book promotion is scheduled in Fullerton Library later in October. Overall, many members were interested in creating a blog for networking.

Image result for images of clear path in nature

Gazing in nature

Absorb its vitality

Center the focus

Castaway minor matter

Marching on the major path

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge – Vigor & Energy


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