Happy Birthday

Trent P. McDonald at Trent’s World restarted The Weekly Smile on October 15, 2018. I have a story that makes me smile, but I have had a flu for two weeks.

Autumn, my granddaughter turned one-year-old on September 28, 2018. I was so glad to be in Portland, Oregon for the occasion. We had a delightful party for her at a park. Many of her baby friends came with their parents. She had her very own birthday cake and ate chunks of the cake and the frosting.



Autumn is very observant and has a serious look on her face when she watches something new. She imitates and repeats it right away. Watching her learning new things every day puts a big smile on my face.

Her happy and easy-going temperament, hearty eating habits and friendliness bring a lot of joy in her parents’ lives and our lives.

I love you, Autumn!

IMG_9999 - Copy1

Trent at Trent’s World: The Weekly Smile, October 15, 2018


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