Rodeo #4: Fractured Fairy Tales

Carrot Ranch Rodeo #4 –  Fractured Fairy Tales

A fractured fairy tale usually takes a character, setting or situation from a well-known fairy tale and presents it from a different angle or point of view. Sometimes characters from different fairy tales appear together. A fractured fairy tale is never simply a retelling of the original story with characters painted black and white. In a fractured tale, the lines and colors blur. But the characters or situations are recognizable. – Norah Colvin

Hood n Ginger

Little Blue Tidy Hood

Little Blue Tidy Hood hummed and pranced her way to grandmother’s cottage.

“What happened to you, Gingerbread Boy?”

“The Big Bad Wolf bit off my arm.”

“He caught you?”

“My mother will bake another arm for me. Where are you going?”

“Take porridge to my grandmother.”

“We must take care of the Wolf. Oh, the growling noise sounds so near.”

“Gruuu… got you. Humm… your legs are delicious. Now you, Hood.”

“Run fast, Gingerbread.”

“But, but…”

“Little ones, I’m Witch of the North. Let me wire-stitch up the Wolf’s teeth. Gingerbread, your mother will bake the legs for you.”


Carrot Ranch Rodeo #4 Fractured Fairy Tales


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