Indie Book Review: Songs of Heartstrings

H.R.R. Gorman has a fabulous review of Songs of Heartstrings. Thank you, Gorman!

Let Me Tell You the Story of...

Miriam Hurdle let me know about her recent publication, Songs of Heartstrings.  I purchased this, my first book of poetry, so I could proudly present a review.  I’m not sure I can astutely review poetry, but here goes an attempt!

The Book

Songs of Heartstrings41dgiMtCq2BLAuthor: Miriam Hurdle
Published in 2018
Published through Kindle
Amazon Link

This was an enjoyable book.  I envision Miriam Hurdle as a modern psalmist, one who may not be a shepherd of sheep but still has a deep connection with creation and her creator.  This book of songs and tales has incredible richness and something for everyone.  Whether you’re in need for uplifting messages, comfort in times of trouble, or celebration of life, Hurdle has you covered.

Overall Review

As I read through many of these poems, I had a feeling like I was reading the book of Psalms.  Miriam is a fitting Psalmist, I’d…

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  • Congrats on the lovely review, Miriam. 🙂

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  • This review is spot on Miriam! It’s so true in so many ways: everyone should know you:) your book is beyond stellar, you are a psalmist, and your faith is undeniable 🙂 Those are just a few examples pulled from this outstanding review 🙂

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    • Thank you so much, Margaret! He did such a great job for the review. I may copy and paste the whole review on my blog. This is our 6th day in Hong Kong. The wedding is 2 days away. Good to hear from you. 🙂 🙂

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      • He did a fantastic job! I am excited to hear all about your trip 🙂

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        • Thank you, Margaret! I just sent out a message to my fellowship as the following.

          Mercy, Will, Autumn, Lynton and I arrived Hong Kong on January 12 to share the excitement of my sister Yolanda’s son Enoch’s wedding on January 19. We all had a wonderful time with my family. It was interesting to experience the combination of traditional and modern Chinese wedding. Mercy and Will went hiking by themselves multiple times on mountains unknown to me, thanks to the comprehensive system of Mass Transit Railway and light rail.

          The sad news was my other sister Canty had liver inflammation and hydrocephalus, congestive heart failure. She was admitted to the Emergency Room on January 15 and went with the Lord on January 17. She was blessed with her two sons, daughters-in-law and all the immediate family members (many from overseas) saying good-bye to her.
          We’ll be back to the US on January 25 after 5 days in Kyoto visiting Mercy’s and Will’s classmate and sightseeing.

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