Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #30 – Unexpected

Anne-Christine asks us to show how we interpret “Unexpected.”

My trip to Hong Kong and Japan was filled with unexpected experiences. Even though I grew up in Hong Kong, nothing is the same as the place I left it years ago. During our nine-day stay, we were accompanied by family members to go places. I found all these places new to me except remembering some of the street names.

I only include some photos of a few places we visited..

Kowloon Park is the largest park in Hong Kong. I couldn’t believe seeing flamingos there.


We found a huge indoor playground for Autumn to run around.

On the hiking of Pinewood Battery Heritage Trail, I learned the history of the batteries traced back to 1841.


Ocean Park features marine life, black and white pandas, red pandas, and even roller coasters.



Autumn and the penguins.


We spent five days in Kyoto, Japan. On top of Arashiyama is the Monkey Park. I witnessed the grooming behavior alive, yea!



In the Reindeer Park, Nara, Japan, the reindeer are friendly but fearlessly approach visitors, bowing, asking for food.



Anne-Christine’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #30 – Unexpected


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