RDP Wednesday – Growing Sunflowers

 The prompt for Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday, February 20, 2019 is Sprout.

“Share your interpretation of the day’s prompt with us. What does ‘sprout’ mean to you? Use words or pictures to compose a post with the word of the day.” – Ragtag Community



Growing Sunflowers 

This will be the fourth year I grow sunflowers from seeds. It’s been raining off and on for seven weeks. I’m waiting for the rain to stop for a couple days before getting out to the garden.

I like warm colors so when I planted flowers twenty years ago; I planted twelve bushes of pink and red roses. It never came across my mind to plant sunflowers just because yellow is not my preference.

My daughter’s neighbor had the gorgeous mix of orange and yellow sunflowers. I loved them. Four years ago, I planted the sunflower seed in the flowerbed without using the soil mix. Only three seeds survived, and one grew into a six feet tall splendid flower. It attracted many bees. My plum and apple trees need bees for pollination and that encouraged me to plant sunflower seeds again.

The following year I tried to start the seeds in seeding pots. I bought the tray, seeding pots, potting soil and the seeds separately and kept them outdoor. Some seeds sprouted, but many didn’t because the sun dried up the soil quickly. I transplanted the remaining five or six sprouts in the flowerbed and they grew into brilliant flowers.


Last year’s experiment was to dig ten small potholes in the flowerbed close to one sprinkler, filled them with potting soil then planted seeds in them. It worked well, and I had a great harvest of sunflowers last year.



I’ll use the same method this year. I bought the Autumn Beauty Mix of orange and yellow colors and look forward to seeing the great display of sunny faces.



Ragtag Daily Prompt Wednesday – Sprout


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