Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood

Tina’s theme for Lens-Artists Challenge #36 is: Around the Neighborhood

Laguna Lake is within walking distance in our neighborhood. The word Laguna means lake in Spanish, so that makes “Laguna Lake” redundant, but it is known as Laguna Lake for many years. It’s about half a mile from our home on a hilly area. We sometimes walked up the hill to the lake and sometimes drove there if we started late in the afternoon. It’s 0.77 miles around the lake. My husband likes to run around the lake three times while I walk one or two times depending on how often I stop to take photos. The lake area is part of the cycling and horse trail that extends to different part of the city.

Relaxed 1


Laguna is a stocked lake with trout and catfish planted. Once a year, first Saturday of April, Fullerton City Parks and Recreation sponsors a fishing derby after “planting.” Adults must have a license to take part, but kids 16 years and under do not need a license. They can also borrow all the fishing equipment for that day.


Many kinds of ducks, geese, turtles are regular residents here. We love to see the little ducklings.

Soft baby ducklings

Geese 3

Laguna Lake 4

Laguna Lake 3

Turtle -champion

Neighbors living by the lake have staircases built for easy access to the lake.



Lens-Artists Challenge #36 – Around the Neighborhood


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