Family Time in Portland

Visiting my granddaughter is always a fun and exciting time.

Autumn is 18 months old now. I try to see her as often as I could. My last visit was March 12 to 19 this year. I arrived on Wednesday night when Autumn was in bed. The next morning when I woke up and went to the living room, she welcomed me by showing me some of her toys and how she played with them. Then she came over and leaned on me, let me hug her.

Autumn loves books. When Mercy, Will or I sat on the floor Indian style, she picked out book after book, sat on our laps and handed us the books to read to her. She also loves to read by herself.


2019 March 18

2019 March 17

We sing the nursery rhymes and songs to her. She now can sing many tunes such as Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, in “Ah ah, ah ah, ah ah ah” with hand motions. She can sing E-I-E-I-O in perfect vowels and tune. She has many books with single songs and she handed them to Will or Mercy to sing to her. One song was Row, Row, Row Your Boat. She said, “Row,” Will sang the first stanza. As soon as he finished, she said, “Rock,” and Will sang the second stanza.

When I put her to bed, she sang herself to sleep with a gentle perfect pitch child soprano tone. It delights this soprano grandma’s heart.

She is developing her fine motor skills and getting great in buckling the seat belts. She does that with patience and determination and steady hands until the buckle snapped. We clapped for her and now she also clapped for herself with a big grin on her face.


Mercy tries to keep a record of the new words Autumn learns every day, but Autumn learns to do new things faster than Mercy could record.



I know, the first two years of a person’s life is the fastest growth in proportion to the rest of the growth in a lifetime. These two years is also a time to build a foundation for the overall human development. I’m delighted to see Autumn growing into an intelligent and happy child.





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