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From Dr. Helen Borel:

I can’t thank my host enough for allowing me to share some very surprising information. Everyone knows that ethical pharmaceutical companies research, develop, and market our prescription drugs. They tame diabetes, halt epileptic seizures, cure bacterial infections, prevent heart attacks and strokes, and control the troubling mood swings of bipolar disorder. In many ways, pharma manufacturers are literally life savers.

There is one other imperative class of drugs which, also under the purest of scientific processes, is manufactured for patients suffering various kinds and levels of pain. These are the opiates, morphine and codeine, and their analogs (aka their chemical spinoffs), referred to as opioids. These include fentanyl patches, hydrocodone, and analogous prescription narcotics. OxyContin (R) (oxycodone HCl), yet another opioid brand, has been targeted for extinction, it seems, by ill-motivated Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Department of Justice (DOJ) operatives.  But that’s a subject for another discussion and another revealing blog-tour visit.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to what I call “THE LEGAL MORPHINE.”  Government interference with legitimate medical prescriptions for pain is forcing patients into detox facilities where illicit addicts are put on Suboxone (R) (buprenorphine/naloxone).  That’s a morphine paradoxically being used, supposedly, to get addicts off heroin and other illicit narcotics.  It’s an opiate to treat an opiate or opioid addiction? Thus, “detoxed” addicts are now are on Suboxone (R) for life. It has been reported that many on the Suboxone (R) regimen revert to their illicits of choice, while others sell this “bupe,” as it’s known in the streets, to other addicts. Not only that, pain specialists and pain patients attest to the generally poor ability of Suboxone (R) to provide analgesia.  Could it be that the naloxone component of the formulation cancels out any possible pain relief extant in buprenorphine, the morphine component? Duh!

In American AGONY: The Opioid War Against Patients in Pain, published by Fresh Ink Group, I discuss this conundrum in depth in Section VI, Chapter Twenty, “The Suboxone Hoax.”  I unravel for readers the financial motivations in labelling as “addicts” patients who are nothing of the kind.  Instead, many are pain patients victimized by a dazzling cornucopia of addiction$ indu$try largesse—the beneficiaries of which are neither genuine illicit addicts nor patients with varied painful conditions.

The financial beneficiaries are Reckitt Benckiser (parent of Indivior, the manufacturer of Suboxone (R) ); the reaping-multi-million$ “addiction treatment” facilities; former politicians, now mysteriously transformed into “advisors” to those centers; and some psychiatrists, members of an “anti-opioid” organization that is, nonsensically, advocating for “The Legal Morphine” from which they get rich. Having spent my life writing and publishing about medical science and pharmaceuticals, I felt compelled to delve deeply into these issues.  As a registered nurse, I’ve seen and treated all kinds of suffering, and I feel devastated about the dual epidemics of untreated pain of millions and the suicides of thousands due to abrupt denial of well-working prescription opioids. It’s a lie that prescription opioids relate to illicit street drugs, that pain patients are merely “craving addicts,” that a morphine like the buprenorphine in Suboxone (R) is going to reverse addicts’ cravings. It’s a lie that all pain patients can derive sufficient analgesic benefit from a morphine cut with a morphine antagonist.

Thank you for allowing me to share this information from my book, written for the many who it can help and to awaken government disruptors of normal opioid prescribing for pain. Please spread the word and share my trailer.

—Helen Borel, RN, MFA, PhD

Watch the trailer:


About the Author: Dr. Helen Borel wrote poetry and played piano as a child growing up in two orphanages. She became a registered nurse, then earned her master’s in creative writing. After 18 years as a medical, psychiatric, and pharmaceutical copywriter, she published books, literary criticism, satire, and fiction. She became a doctor in psychoanalytical studies with her own website, PsychDocNYC.com. Always outspoken for the underdog, her intense research is the basis for her passionate expose of government wrongs and the legal rights pain victims must assert.

Find her at PsychDocNYC.com and on Twitter: @BorelMedWriter or @PsychDocConnect.

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  • Thank You Miriam for connecting! And so sorry to not connect with you from a long long time. Was busy with my second book. Hope you are doing fine.

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  • peggyhattendorfcom

    We all know people who are suffering in terrible pain and are unable to get satisfactory relief from their medications. And they are certainly not “addicts.”

    This is a fascinating topic and it’s interesting to read a little from Dr. Borel’s book from a positive perspective about the patient in this blog.

    Thanks for hosting Miriam.

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    • You’re welcome, Peggy. You’re right. Many people take medications only if needed. I’m down to taking one medication due to the side effect from chemo. It’s a necessity so I wouldn’t call myself an addict.

      Thank you for your follow. Do you have a website?


    • Thank you, so much, Peggy. My aim in creating AMERICAN AGONY has been to help relieve patients’ sufferings, to prevent pain patients’ suicides, to free unjustly imprisoned paincare physicians who had the courage to prescribe opioids appropriately for their patients in pain, and to expel government police and prosecutors from practicing medicine by dictating paincare prescriptions and by rationing and even cutting-off supplies of essential medications. That, now a right, it appears, of the Drug Enforcement Administration, a self-animating arm of the DOJ.

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  • What a timely book to hit the market! Thank you for sharing, Miriam!

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  • So excited to see this book finally available. I was fortunate enough to do the proofing on the manuscript. This is an eye-opener that really sheds light on this opioid issue. Congratulations to Dr. Borel on this new release.

    Thanks for hosting, Miriam!

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    • Excellent job on your proofreading, Beem. It’s a great pleasure to host Dr. Borel.

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    • Thank you, Beem. If it helps patients in pain — acute ER, postop, dental, chronic, cancer, end-of-life, palliative care and chronic, lifelong pain patients — get their opioid prescriptions restored, that’ll be wonderful. And we mustn’t forget, too, the burned and crippled pediatric patients; the postop pets who the DEA is also preventing from getting their normal opioid prescriptions. My book was researched and written to help all Americans receive normal prescription opioids as they always have, before government bureaucrats intruded into the practice of medicine.

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  • Hi, Miriam! How wonderful to see Dr. Borel on your blog. This is a fascinating topic. I believe the opioid epidemic is at least partly responsible for the lack of empathy and consideration in the world right now. There are people walking around like zombies because they’re over-medicated. I believe abusing these pain meds rob you of your humanity. I’m adding this book to my TBR list. Thanks for hosting❣️

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    • Good to see you, Vashti. Thank you for your comment and support of Dr. Borel. I know exactly what it means of people walking around like zombies. I’ve seen some girls in my counseling program couldn’t get out of bed or crying because of the dosage of medications.
      When I read reviews from pharmacists, I try to cross reference and try to see who sponsors those articles. ❤

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    • Thank you kindly, Vashti Q. I’ve been following, for a long time now, your fictive productions on Twitter. You are a very prolific writer. I must dive into some of your works one of these days…when this excitement dies down. Hopefully, AMERICAN AGONY will get government interferers out of the practice of medicine so that patients in pain can have their normal prescription opioids restored. Meanwhile, we hold our collective breaths.

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  • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

    Helen, I’m glad to know that I am not the only one who feel that pain drugs can be used wisely and not become addictive. My common sense told me this after hearing about so many reasons why marijuana should not be used for pain, because of fear of addition. If used wisely I don’t see it causing any kind of addiction. Misuse is what causes addictions.Anything good can be misused. I’m glad you are explaining what is going on with the opioids, because most of us are clueless. I see news constantly of people dying or being rushed to the hospital. I don’t think doctors are being trained properly either as most of them are educated by the pharmaceutical industry. We know how corrupt that industry has become. I’m so thankful that I do not take any medications today.

    Thank you Miriam for sharing this information and for always showing support.

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    • Thank you, Shirley. Something few people know: addiction to opioids is genetically-based. This is why most people, more than 98% on prescription opioids for years, even decades, never become addicted. They simply “depend” on their narcotic meds to ease their pain. Another thing the book reveals is that it’s not pharmaceutical manufacturers who are to blame for the adulterated illicit street chemicals that kill which are imported from China, Mexico and the Internet.
      It’s El Chapo and the street dealers…AND it’s the DEA not doing its job of interdiction, dealer jalings, addicts to detox.
      Correction also, Shirley: Since I’m a registered nurse with years of paincare expertise, having administered both oral and parenteral narcotics to hospitalized pts…and since I’ve 18 years as a Senior Medical/Psychiatric/Pharmaceutical Writer on “MEDICINE AVENUE” ( what I label the enclave in New York City where pharma advertising agencies flourish)…I’ve unique perspectives and expertise on these issues. Ergo, No, the pharmaceutical industry does not educate physicians. No, the pharmaceutical industry is not corrupt. I’m sure you know of many and varied medications that save lives and allow people to live better lives than they would without their epilepsy, diabetes, schizophrenia, cardiac, blood pressure, kidney, sleep and many other meds, in addition to meds for pain. Salespeople working for Pharm manufacturers simply introduce new drugs which have just been scientifically okayed by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration). And, no..physicians are not “educated by drug corporations”! MDs are educated in medical school about pharmacology. The only things Pharm manufacturers do is Research & Development of new drugs, producing consistently pure and effective drugs in their group of legal medications, submit research about their drugs and their indications and cautions to the FDA, and let physicians and the public know, through advertising, direct mail and public announcements about new drug products which can palliate or cure their diseases. My book makes this clear. Big Pharma is not responsible for what El Chapo and his henchmen and other weasels inflect on the public. Neither are they nor physicians writing legitimate Rxs for opioids for patients in pain liable for illicits use by addicts. AMERICAN AGONY makes it clear: There are two distinct patient categories: (1) Drug Addicts using illicits
      (2) Patients in Pain on prescription morphine, codeine or their opioid analogs (spin-offs), e.g. hydrocodone, etc.
      This has been long, Shirley, out of respect for your kind comment and for clarity that AMERICAN AGONY will
      bring to national attention the faults that lie with the CDC, the DOJ, the DEA and the VA whose cruel actions are
      killing pain patients…As well as most state medical boards and state attorneys-general who are adding more chaos
      and confusion to thie dire story. I hope you will read the book to get the sorry overview of this American tragedy. Inside, there are solutions and 237 references, too. Thank you for sharing, Helen Borel,RN,MFA,PhD

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      • Shirley Harris-Slaughter

        I watched the pharmaceutical companies peddle drugs in doctor’s offices and that may be where I got the impression the industry was educating them. I got lots of samples for sure.

        I appreciate you enlightening me Helen … is it Dr. Helen?

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        • You can call me, Helen, Shirley…(don’t start my humorous self going to: You can call me Helen-Shirley).
          I’m ready for some humor after have conceived and written such a heavy-with-info book. I also appreciate your kindness and sweetness, Shirley. My experience is->I wrote the sales brochures these salespersons spoke to doctors from. I wrote them from a strong ethical position: I was an R.N., when I began writing advertising (I’m still an R.N.) for pharmaceuticals. There’s no way I would write anything not backed up by research. Also, the salespeople would visit physicians to introduce a new drug, its indications, contraindications, etc. All FDA approved and there’s always a professional (medical lingo) package insert which is extensive as to how and when to use a drug, and when not to. (You know, gov’t looney-tunes have poisoned the public mind about Big Pharma. After all, they make the drugs that save lives and palliate diseases & they can’t be marketed without FDA scientific approvals.) Thanks for bearing with me. Mainly, I wish people to be healthy and not suffer…and I know you will agree with that Shirley. Thanks for listening.

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    • It’s my pleasure to host Helen and share her book. I know during the last days of my mom, she was sustained with morphine due to the open wound from her diabetes. In fact, our family suggested to the doctor to make her “comfortable.”

      My best friend as well as her father suffer the migrant and I witnessed their agony.

      Kudos to you for not taking any medications today. I used to take two or three. I had a severe allergic reaction toward medications for two and a half months since November 2019. Doctors could pinpoint which medication, just ask me to stop all the medications. Well, there’s one I couldn’t stop completely at this point. Hope eventually I could stop it.

      Thank you for your visit and support, Shirley!

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  • Thank you so much for hosting my AMERICAN AGONY nonfiction work dedicated to Patients in Pain everywhere
    in America and worldwide. If it helps restore normal physician-generated opioid prescribing for varied kinds and levels of pain, if it releases innocent physician-prescribers from unjust imprisonments, if it stops the daily suicides of the suddenly cold-turkeyed whose pain was formerly well-controlled on their opioid meds, and if it dismantles the
    Drug Enforcement Agency because of its failures to interdict illicits, imprison dealers, and remand illicits addicts to detox while, instead invading physicians’ practices, spying on PDMPs, seizing MDs assets, dictating MME (morphine milligram equivalents) amounts…(these gestapo studied medicine at the police academy?)…my book will have served the purpose I set out to have it do. Thank you, again. Helen Borel,RN,MFA,PhD

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  • Thank you, Miriam Hurdle, for welcoming Dr. Borel’s comments and for sharing her new book!

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  • I watched Dr. Borel grow passionate about politicians standing between pain-managed patients and physicians, then spend the better part of a year thoroughly researching this issue, only to learn the problem is far greater than expected, and growing worse every day. To address all this unnecessary suffering, we need to understand the dynamics of cause. Dr. Borel has laid the issue bare, exposing the motives and means of those who profit financially and politically. Brava. This book must be shared widely, as everyone is touched by this crisis, sometimes when least expected.

    Liked by 1 person

    • You’re absolutely right, Stephen. We’re touched by this crisis personally or among our close family and friends. It is a politically and financially driven issue and we must understand all the tugs and pulls. It’s great the Dr. Borel has done this research and published the significant information available to all.
      Thank you for publishing her book, Stephen!

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    • Thanks, Stephen. I’m exhausted. All wrung out. This book’s evolution has been like giving birth to a baby,
      only now my baby has to leave home and find its way in the world to be nurtured by others who need it.

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  • D.L. Finn, Author

    I don’t know a lot about the treatment, but find it sad its profit over patients. Sounds like a insightful read!
    Thanks for hosting Miriam:)

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  • This looks like an important book for all to read. I’m ordering my copy! Excellent trailer!

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