Thursday Doors – Key West

Florida Keys Map, Map of Florida Keys

One of my husband’s hobbies was scuba diving. When we traveled, he loves to go the places where he could go on a diving trip. He has dived in Big Barrier Reef, Australia, North Carolina, Hawaii, Aruba, and Key West, to name a few.

I don’t dive. I don’t swim. We decided to go to Key West because it is an interesting island. Lynton made one diving trip, and we did sightseeing the rest of the time.

Key West is an island in the U.S. state of Florida. Together with all or parts of the separate islands of Dredgers Key, Fleming Key, Sunset Key, and the northern part of Stock Island, it makes up the City of Key West.

Key West is the southernmost city in the 48 adjoining United States. The Island of Key West is about 4 miles long and 1 mile wide, with a total land area of 4.2 square miles. It lies at the southernmost end of U.S. Route 1, the longest north-south road in the United States. It is about 95 miles north of Cuba at its closest points.

We visited the Ernest Hemingway Home & Museum. It was crowded with visitors shoulder to shoulder. Hemingway owned a 38-foot fishing boat named Pilar. It was acquired in April 1934 from Wheeler Shipbuilding in Brooklyn, New York, for $7,495. “Pilar” was a nickname for Hemingway’s second wife, Pauline. Hemingway regularly fished off the boat in the waters of Key West, Florida. Several of Hemingway’s books were influenced by time spent on the boat, most notably, The Old Man and the Sea (1953) and Islands in the Stream (1970). I wasn’t able to take too many photos. Here’s one photo of the model boat Pilar.

Scale model of Pilar on display at Hemingway’s home in Key West (Credit)

We also visited the Martello Museum and a Shipwreck Museum. We climbed a tower where there was a camera connected to a website. Lynton called his friend Randy, who went on the website and could see him while talking on the phone. We went downtown to hang out from late morning to evening. The Cuban cigar was legal there but he couldn’t bring back any so had a couple of puffs just for fun.

A Theater with the statue of Marilyn Monroe in her movie The Seven Years Itch
Foggy Night
Lynton and his Cuban cigar

In this post, I highlighted the Little White House.

Being built in 1890 as quarters for Navy officers, the Little White House later was used by American Presidents William Howard Taft, Harry S. Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, and Bill Clinton. Truman used the facility as a vacation home and functioning White House between 1946 and 1952. National legislation was drafted, and official government business was conducted daily from the site. Perhaps the most important of these actions occurred on December 5, 1951, when Truman enacted a Civil Rights Executive Order requiring federal contractors to hire minorities. President Eisenhower used the site in 1956 while recuperating from a heart attack. Secretary Colin Powell and foreign leaders held an international summit here in 2001. The Little White House was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1974.

The sunset was gorgeous. The sun was huge. We were taking a walk on the other side of the street. As the sun went down, I ran across the street and literally chased the sun to take as many shots as possible. I was happy with this one.

Thursday Doors – Key West





  • wow – I thought I loved the foggy night photo until I saw the closing sunset photo – amazing and worth chasing it down – hahah a
    looks like a wonderful visit to Key West


  • My husband and I visited Key West, and I have one of those pictures to prove it. 😁 We did not visit the Little White House, but I plan on going back someday and will have to go then. Great post, Miriam.

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  • I have a goal to visit the ends of the roads like this. Key West looks gorgeous.

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  • I only made it to Key West once, Miriam, and I was a kid, so don’t remember much. Thanks for the highlights of your visit, including the Hemmingway museum and the Little White House. And is Lynton enjoying that cigar? Hard to tell. Lol. Finally, your sunset photo is amazing. It doesn’t even look like Earth!

    On another note, for some reason, WP keeps unfollowing you. I clicked on it again a minute ago and actually saw it “unclick!” So I entered the follow manually and now it should stick. So sorry about that! ❤

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    • Hi Diana, WordPress is hopelessly and annoying. Jill said the same thing last week and refollowed. Liz just turned into a habit of following me every week. Pete did the same thing.
      I have no idea of what’s going on with them. Dan collected all the comments about the problems and emailed the Happy Engineers like what I did last year. He said, they told him that the problem was “fixed.” Teri has the same problem and asked bloggers to comment to her if we got dropped from following her. Initially I thought it was the problem of the theme I use. I was going to change the theme but one blogger discouraged me from doing it.

      I stopped worrying about that. I’ve been busy with several health issues, had X-ray, MRI done, doctor’s appointments, follow-ups, etc for my shoulder and back. They turned out to be miner. I’m relieved.

      Thank you for clicking the follow button again. I’ll make sure to visit you. I bookmarked a long list of blogs. When I don’t see them in the reader, I use the browser.

      Than you for your comment. Key West is an interesting place. I love the iguanas and roosters roaming around.

      I love Resa’s interview of you and the review and left a comment there.

      I’m at the gym at the moment. 😉

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