The Necromancer’s Daughter by Diana Wallace Peach – Blog Tour

It’s my great pleasure to welcome my friend, the author, poet, and artist, Diana Wallace Peach, to my blog. I had a delightful time meeting with Diana, Terri Webster Schrandt, and Marsha Ingrao in Portland, Oregon, in September. We chatted. We laughed. We shared about the latest in our lives. I was happy that Diana’s husband was recovering well from his surgery. We’re in the process of selling our house in Southern California. It may take a while since people may not want to move during the major holidays. It’ll be exciting to see her more often after our move to Portland.

It’s my privilege to host Diana’s blog tour to share her new release, The Necromancer’s Daughter.



A healer and dabbler in the dark arts of life and death, Barus is as gnarled as an ancient tree. Forgotten in the chaos of the dying queen’s chamber, he spirits away her stillborn infant, and in a hovel at the meadow’s edge, he breathes life into the wisp of a child. He names her Aster for the lea’s white flowers. Raised as his daughter, she learns to heal death.

Then the day arrives when the widowed king, his own life nearing its end, defies the Red Order’s warning. He summons the necromancer’s daughter, his only heir, and for his boldness, he falls to an assassin’s blade.

While Barus hides from the Order’s soldiers, Aster leads their masters beyond the wall into the Forest of Silvern Cats, a land of dragons and barbarian tribes. She seeks her mother’s people, the powerful rulers of Blackrock, uncertain whether she will find sanctuary or face a gallows’ noose.

Unprepared for a world rife with danger, a world divided by those who practice magic and those who hunt them, she must choose whether to trust the one man offering her aid, the one man most likely to betray her—her enemy’s son.

A healer with the talent to unravel death, a child reborn, a father lusting for vengeance, and a son torn between justice, faith, and love. Caught in a chase spanning kingdoms, each must decide the nature of good and evil, the lengths they will go to survive, and what they are willing to lose.

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My Review

I’m a huge fan of Diana Peach’s fantasy books. I admire her poetic writing. Her vivid description of the characters and well-developed world engages my imagination and takes me through an unforgettable journey from the beginning to the end.

The Necromancer’s Daughter is a heart-wrenching yet beautiful story of love, politics, power struggle, and prejudice. The story grabs the reader’s emotions from the beginning. King Aldring loves his wife, the Princess of Blackrock. He summons Barus, the necromancer, to resurrect the queen and the infant should they die. In her last breath, the queen pleas to save the child. When the king learns the queen is dead and the baby is a girl, he sends Barus home. Barus is in love with the infant and hides her under his garment to take her home.

Barus follows the recipe in her adopted mother, Olma’s book, to awaken Aster from the dead and raise her as his own. Aster grows up as a passionate and gentle soul with silvery flowing hair, practicing herbal medicine and resurrecting animals. She is natural to connect with a dragon emotionally. The king knows she is his daughter and visits her every year on her birthday. As the king’s health declines, he summons her on her nineteenth birthday to return to the palace as his successor.

The vicar Tamus Graeger denies Aster and condemns the resurrection as evil. He orders the soldiers to kill Barus and Aster. Once captured, he wants to hang Aster. Aster helps her crippled father flee when their home is burned to ashes. She ensures Barus’s safety at Rebeka’s home and continues to run to get help from her uncle, the Blackrock King. Tamus’s son, Joreh, accompanies Aster’s escape and believes she deserves a fair trial.

The journey of escape through the forest is full of danger from the wild creatures and the tribes’ attacks on each other. After being raised from the dead, the funny character Teko at Cattieut forest, with one green eye and one blue eye, joined in escorting Aster to Blackrock.

To ensure Aster’s claim as his niece, King Atrayal of Blackrock wants her to show her ability to connect with dragons, the trait her mother queen possesses. King Atrayal is pleased with the test. He wants Aster to claim the throne of Verdane and serves as an ambassador for the peace of all the tribes.

I listened to the book with the text-to-speech feature on my iPad. The story was engaging with vivid descriptions of the characters’ interactions and scenes. Each chapter ending hooked me on to the next. I was emotionally connected to the characters and wished for the safety of Aster and Barus. The genuine friendship between Aster and Joreh warmed my heart. Diana Peach created believable characters. Aster and Barus were humans practicing healing. They didn’t possess magic or superpower to defeat their enemies. They went through struggles and suffered ill-treatment from their attackers. All they could do was use their wisdom to survive the adversaries understanding that “every time you choose one path, you must live with the possibilities of the other.”

This is a masterpiece and a wonderful creation. I had my secret wishes for the ending, but it came as a surprise. The book ended, but my emotions linger. I highly recommend you pick up a copy of this beauty.  

Diana’s bio

A long-time reader, best-selling author D. Wallace Peach started writing later in life when years of working in business surrendered to a full-time indulgence in the imaginative world of books. She was instantly hooked.

In addition to fantasy books, Peach’s publishing career includes participation in various anthologies featuring short stories, flash fiction, and poetry. She’s an avid supporter of the arts in her local community, organizing and publishing annual anthologies of Oregon prose, poetry, and photography.

Peach lives in a log cabin amongst the tall evergreens and emerald moss of Oregon’s rainforest with her husband, two owls, a horde of bats, and the occasional family of coyotes.

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  • Great review, Miriam
    and best wishes with the house sale – some people do like to move around the holidays – and fingers crossed (and prayers) that the perfect buyers will come.
    and I am so excited to read Diana’s book – and yours and a few others – I actually just finished some big work projects and so getting ready to read.

    have a nice day

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thank you very much for stopping by, Yvette! Diana’s book is beautiful. I’m so happy that you’re reading her book (oh, and mine also). I appreciate your support very much. What work projects are you working on? Sound exciting! Yes, we’re waiting for the perfect buyers who appreciate our diligent effort to upgrade our home to keep it in excellent condition. We realized there are many factors that might cause the slowing down of the housing market. We pray also for the right timing. I’ve seen many miracles in my life. This one will be another miracle! Have a wonderful week!

      Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for swinging by Miriam’s, Yvette, and for reading her amazing review. She’s wonderfully kind and generous with her words. It’s going to be great to get together with her again after she moves up here and settles in. I’m glad that you’re going to have some reading time. Yay! And you’ll enjoy Miriam’s book. It’s riveting! Have a wonderful day. Hugs.

      Liked by 2 people

  • Oh, Dear. I must admit. I’m green. So green. And not because my last post was about plants. It’s because I’m green with envy. What joy to have you four bloggers together, in person! Photos? I can imagine how wonderful the conversation must have been. Miriam, five stars for your review of Diana’s latest fantasy masterpiece. The Necromancer’s Daughter was my favorite one yet. I loved it so much I’ll probably re-read it soon. I read it on Kindle and will get the paperback for my guy for the holidays.
    Miriam, good luck with the sale of your home and move to Oregon. One of my college friends has just sold her home of 38 years in NC to move to San Diego area to be near her daughter and SIL and new grandson. Life changes, and change is exciting if we go with the flow. ❤

    Liked by 3 people

    • Thanks so much for checking out Miriam’s review, Pam. Wasn’t it wonderful? It was great meeting other bloggers. My first time, and what a bunch of great people. Miriam is as lovely in person as she is on her blog. And thanks for giving a copy of the book to your guy. Happy Dance over here. Finally, I have to say, it’s funny how many people I know, or hear about, who move to be nearer to kids and grandkids. There are a lot of us! It will be fun to have Miriam in my neck of the woods, and I know we’ll meet again once she’s settled. Thanks again for the bloggy visit. Have a beautiful week, my friend. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    • Good to know Diana’s new book is your favorite, Pam! It’s a perfect holiday gift for your guy! ❤
      We sure had lots of fun. Diana drove an hour each way to meet with us. She even paid for my parking because I wasn't "local" yet. Besides, when we go places, Hubby did most of the driving and took care of the parking business. I know how to find the machine to pay but Diana jumped in to pay for me! Isn't she wonderful? ❤ Yes, many of us move after 30 to 40 years of living in the same home to be close to the grandkids. Right after Staci announced the birth of her grandkid, she announced the moving close to her daughter! A friend just sold her house and move in with her daughter. Her daughter eventually will build a "box" house in the backyard for her. Family is more important to us especially when we get older. We've been flying to see our grandkids every six weeks for five years except during the pandemic. When my mother-in-law passed away, my husband felt ready to move. 🙂

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  • Wonderful review for Diana’s beautiful book Miriam. Good luck with the house sale, these are surely crazy times. Hugs xx

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  • Loving this installment along the tour! It has been so fun to read twenty two different perspectives on this read over the past several weeks. 🙂

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  • Nice to meet you! I might have to try that text to speech function. I definitely still feel behind on my use of technology! So cool you got to see Diana in person. Where did you move from in Southern California? Best regards, Ka

    Liked by 2 people

    • Thanks for taking the time to stop by Miriam’s, Ka. Her blog has been busy and so much fun. Yes, try that text to speech function. In addition to tablets, you can do it on phones too. Just look under “accessibility.” It should be in there. I use it constantly too. And it was wonderful meeting Miriam in person. When she moves and gets settled, I’m sure we’ll mee again. ❤ Have a beautiful week, my friend.

      Liked by 2 people

    • It’s great to have you, Ka! It was exciting meeting with Diana.
      You can only use the speech function on the Apple devices. You can Google how to use it. In fact, it’s very simple.
      We’re moving to Portland, Oregon to be closer to my daughter’s family. Thank you again for your visit and comment. 😊

      Liked by 2 people

  • What a fabulous review, Miriam – congratulations to Diana. How amazing to have had that get-together! Toni x

    Liked by 2 people

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