Happy Easter

I hope you had a wonderful day today, whether you celebrated Easter or enjoyed your relaxing day!

I went to my daughter’s church yesterday when they had a pancake breakfast and an egg hunt for the children. The breakfast was well attended. The helpers laid hundreds of eggs on the playground and grass area. After children’s story time, they dashed outside with their own baskets. There was plenty for every kid.

Nora picked up an egg, shook it, and opened it. If she didn’t like the content, she put it back on the grass. On the other hand, Autumn went for quantity and worried about the content later.

Nora wore her birthday party hat. She turned three two and a half weeks ago

Mercy and Will had an Easter egg hunt for the girls yearly, but they had a project in their backyard. I volunteered to cook lunch, and the girls could have an egg hunt at my house.

It has been raining off and on since we moved into our new home three months ago. The backyard is wet and muddy. I decided to have the egg hunt inside the house. I hid the eggs inside drawers, under the couch cushions, in the pantry, and in the bathroom on Friday night. After hiding the eggs, I wanted to remind myself where I hid them. The first time I went around, three eggs were short on my counting. Finally, all the eggs were counted after going around three times. I took pictures of all the places with hidden eggs!

As soon as Mercy, Will, and the girls walked into our house around noon today, the girls wanted to look for the eggs. Nora and Autumn each found one egg before we even started lunch. But they volunteered to hide them again.

The girls could hardly sit still to have lunch. They were done eating long before we were halfway done. They wanted their Razzleberries pie dessert. So, they waited patiently at the table. I’m a slow eater and didn’t want them to wait for me. I gave them instructions so that they could get started. Lynton followed Nora, and I followed Autumn in case they couldn’t open some drawers. Mercy followed them to take photos. They announced, “I found one,” “I found one,” with excitement. Mercy found my paper to keep track of the eggs. We helped to count the eggs the girls found. They didn’t want to stop even when we told them they found all the eggs.

Autumn tried out her newfound treasure
Nora put the necklace on Mommy
The girls shared the chocolate eggs with Mommy and Daddy

Before they got ready to go home, Nora put some eggs back into the drawers and places. She wanted to hunt for the eggs again!

Mercy sent me a text after they got home to let me know she was happy that we live close to each other and can easily get together! I’m thankful that we can easily do things with each other.





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