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100 Word Wednesday: Week 30 – Baby Shower

The Baby Shower is coming up. The coordinator sent out a Planning spreadsheet. The team will prepare the bite size sandwiches, appetizers, rainbow fruit skewers, hot and cold drinks, party favorites, wall and table decorations. I’ll prepare cold drinks. One drink is pink grapefruit punch, garnished with real fruit and rosemary. Making rainbow fruit skewers is another task of mine. A photo corner with Décor and photo props will be for family and friends to have photos taken with the mother-to-be. I can visualize it will be such a beautiful party. I’m excited for Mercy and Will, the new parents.


Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 30

100 Word Wednesday: Week 28 – Heirloom

Oh, heavenly! What a gorgeous shop! My annual Ladies’ High Tea is coming up. They always came in lacy dresses and fancy hats, and admired my decoration before finding their seats.

I’m the third generation who inherited this exquisite Vintage Royal Albert Heirloom Bone China Tea Cups & Saucers, plus serving plates, and cream and sugar set. It’s delightful to look at them in my China cabinet. It’s equally thrilling to keep them alive by using them annually.

Ah, I spotted a center piece! The ladies will enjoy the Tea Party! After all, it’s a fund raising activity for the missionaries.

~     ~     ~

Bikurgurl’s 100 WW – Week 28

Daily Prompt: Tea

100 Word Wednesday: Week 27


Image Credit: Nicolas Picard

“Cities are getting better in designating areas for skateboarding, and mountain biking. Clubs could organize competitions.”

“Yeah, I remember the days when No Skateboarding signs were everywhere.”

“True, I remember those signs! Some kids rode their skateboards and looped up and down on my driveway.”

“Mountain biking has the same problem! City kids are not close to the biking trails. It’s hard for them to practice!”

“It’s dangerous for them to ride the bikes and hop around on the streets.”

“I was so please that the city council listened and open this mountain biking park! My daughter is in competition!”


Bikurgurl’s 100 WW:

100 Word Wednesday – Week 26

Bikurgurl 2017

I grew up in Hong Kong

Islands surrounded by water

Taking the ferries was a daily matter

Vehicles went through tunnel under sea

When I came to Portland, Oregon

I lived by Willamette River

Crossing bridges was a must when going places

Then I came to Seattle, Washington

University was near Peugeot Sound

Walking on waterfront was always pleasant

Taking a trip to Floating Bridge was a treat

Now I live in Southern California

Live by a lake within walking distance

Beaches are just thirty minutes’ drive away

I am thankful to live close to the water all my life


Written in response to the image by Bikurgurl –100WW Week 26


100 Word Wednesday: Week 25 – In the Same Boat


I love to go rowing boat

Weather is not the matter

May the day be sunny or cloudy

Windy or even stormy

Having you in the same boat

I can go anywhere, everywhere

We had a rough day at the sea

Almost dangerous to manage

Our hearts were in touch

Our hands were in synch

Same spirit and same strength

Your encouraging words to me

Mine to you, all the way through

We strived until the storm passed

A day I will forever remember

The storm brought us closer

I love to go rowing boat

When you are with me


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100 Word Wednesday: Week 24


Image credit: Geran de Klerk

“Hey Mike, do you see that small island?”

“Yea, I flew over these Pacific islands last year, but didn’t see this small one.”

“The earth crust must be itchy and made a wiggling twist. The flat bottom of the sea bulged up a little belly.”

“The edge around the island is green. The coral and algae must have grown. I heard that the Marine Biologists are interested in studying this newest volcano and the marine life under the sea. To raise funds for this project, they bring in tourist for diving tours.”

“Oh, yeah! Is that house a tour center?”


100 WWC – Week 24

100 WW: Week 19 – Expectation


Photo By William Stitt

Where is he? We are supposed to meet at six this evening.

I went to his nephew’s birthday party at his house last night. His mom was there. His five siblings, spouses, and their kids; aunts, uncles and friends were all over the house.

They were laughing and talking with each other. I was the only stranger. No one came to talk to me. I didn’t know how to break the ice.

My family has mom, pop, little brother and I. How should I have mingled with large family?

I want to talk about what his family expects of me!

~     ~     ~

100 WW:

100 WWC – Home Sweet Home


Image Credit: Bikurgurl’s Mother, SandraJune

I still remember the day I came home from the war. Being in the Navy for five years, there was no day that I didn’t think of my Mama and my darling Elsie. I looked at their pictures every time I got a moment, kissing them a thousand times. Never knew if I could make it home to see them again!

The Almighty is good. The war ended, and we came back to California. Mama and Elsie were waiting for me on this dock. I couldn’t run fast enough to hold them.

That was the best day in my life!


100 WWC:

100 WWC – Makeover Lighthouse


Image Credit: Bikurgurl

Imagine 150 years ago, ships coming into this bay in a pitch-black night! They couldn’t see if they were hitting rocks or anything in shallow water. What happened if you lived in that house? A ship might have collided into it.

Well, a farmer lived in that house. He hung a kerosene lantern on the side of the barn to protect his farm house. Later the government put a lens lantern on top of a wooden post. Years have gone by, eventually the government owns that property, and changed it into a lighthouse.

Don’t you think that farmer was clever!

~          ~          ~

100 WWC:

100 WWC – Dine Alone


Image Credit: Anjo Beckers Photography

“It’s good! The wait wasn’t too long.”

“Yes, we got here in time to beat the crowd. The after work traffic is getting worse. Every minute counts, especially on Fridays.”

“I had a hectic week at work. Thank God the weekend is here!”

“I look forward to the weekend too.”

“I like the way you set your hair, now I can see more of your beautiful face!”

“Oh, thanks, just wanted to try something different! Did you notice that gentleman there? He used to come with his wife! He is here alone. I wonder what happened to his wife!”

~          ~          ~

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