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SoCS November 25, 2017

The theme for Stream of Consciousness Saturday this week is: “ink.” This reminds me of the ink I used for Chinese calligraphy.

I learned Chinese calligraphy in elementary school when I was in Hong Kong.

Chinese calligraphy is considered as an art. The following are five scripts of the word DRAGON.

Image result for chinese calligraphy

The shape, size, stretch, and type of hair in the brush, the color, and density of the ink, as well as the absorptive speed and surface texture of the paper, are the main physical elements influencing the result of calligraphy. The professional calligraphers use inkstick and grind the inkstick with water in the inkstone. I used bottle ink and poured the ink into the ink box with a cotton pad in it.


There are a couple ways to hold the brush. Commonly, the brush is held vertically straight gripped between the thumb and middle finger. The index finger lightly touches the upper part of the shaft of the brush (stabilizing it) while the ring and little fingers tuck under the bottom of the shaft, leaving a space inside the palm (students were told that the space should be big enough for an egg). Alternatively, the brush is held in the right hand between the thumb and the index finger. I learned to hold the brush in a common way.

Image result for chinese calligraphy

The study of calligraphy includes learning the basic strokes, positioning the character, and copying exemplary works continuously, until the move becomes instinctive and the copy is perfect.

Image result for chinese calligraphy

As part of the homework, I practiced the large scripts as well as copied a paragraph from the book in small scripts. I contribute my artistic appreciation to my Chinese calligraphy background.

Image result for chinese calligraphy

Linda G Hill’s SoCS November 25, 2017

SoCS November 11, 2017

 The Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “arm.”

Mercy and Will are very active in sports. They go hiking regularly. They love to do cross country skiing when they hike to the top of the mountain and then skiing down.  They like to do kayaking, riding the mountain bikes long distance, and do home gym exercise. All these exercises strengthen all body muscles and the biceps but do not concentrate on the forearms.

After baby Autumn was born, Mercy finds herself using the forearms a lot in holding the baby, feeding her and rocking her to sleep. After Autumn is asleep, she doesn’t want to change the forearm positions. After a while, she finds her forearms very sore. She must rotate her wrists, stretch the arms and rub the forearms.

During the past few weeks when I help to take care of Autumn, I find the same challenge. I exercise my biceps when going to the gym with my husband. When doing the gardening, it may involve using my forearms but not in a concentrating effort or in a lengthy period. When Autumn is falling asleep in my arms, I try to switch my arm positions without waking her up.

Autumn is 9 ½ lbs this week, two pounds over her birth weight. She is getting big and out grows the newborn clothes. She has more awake time. She can sit in the swing for more than 10 minutes when she is clean and fed.

I’m going back to southern California this afternoon. They will come to join us for Thanksgiving dinner. It will be baby Autumn’s first air travel. Until then, I’ll miss holding her in my arms.

Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS November 11, 2017

SoCS October 28, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “which/witch/wich.” Start your post with the word “which” and try to fit the word “witch” in somewhere if you can. – Linda G Hill

Which auction items do I want to purchase tonight?” I wondered. It was our church fellowship group annual fundraising for the missionaries this evening.

The program included the silent auction and verbal auction. The silent auction was done half an hour before the verbal auction. Dinner was served during the verbal auction. The main dish for the dinner was bratwurst sausage sandwich, mashed potatoes, and coleslaw.

There were about 40 silent auction items and 22 for the verbal auction. The silent auction included some items people donated and some breakfasts, lunches, dinners, or game nights people sponsored. I had the calendar open on my phone ready to check on the dates.

When the Master of Ceremony announced the time to start the silent auction. I was fortunate to be standing by some activities sheet, so I quickly signed up for five, three for women (myself), one for both my husband and I, and one for men (my husband). During the verbal auction, I bid on two items and won both.

It was another pleasant night out for my husband and I. We enjoyed it as well as love to support the missionaries.

Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS October 28, 2018

SoCS October 21, 2017

The theme for Linda’s SoCS October 21, 2017, is Season.


There are seasons in a dating relationship. My definition of seasons of dating refers to a relationship that goes through a period of changes in order to establish its stability.

Through my counseling experience, I find that rushing into a relation, and getting married within a few months has a pitfall. There is no doubt about the initial magnetic attractions each other feel so strongly. The euphoria of meeting the Princess and Prince Charming makes the hearts swell with bubbles and nonstop smiles on the faces. They find themselves can’t stop talking about the Miss Right and Mister Perfect. Their minds go 100 mph and take the thoughts through the intimacy and walking down the aisle, and the two live happily ever after.

Miss Smith met Mr. Williams. They saw each other two or three times a week and texted each other throughout the day.

After one month, they invited the siblings to go on outings to introduce the family members to each other. The dating couple and the siblings had a blast.

Two months later they decided to meet the prospective parents. Miss Smith’s parents were impressed by Mr. Williams at a dinner in the restaurant. Miss Smith met Mr. William’s single mom and the other siblings at home. Mrs. Smith seemed to be aloof. The siblings were joking with each other. Mr. Williams seemed to be running around taking care of family members’ needs. He didn’t sit down with Miss Smith to have a meaningful conversation with his mom.

A couple months went by; Miss Smith still felt that she couldn’t get Mr. Williams to be engaged in a deeper level of conversation. At the same time, Mr. Williams tried to push the idea of getting married.

Miss Smith started to express her question about the relationship in her text to Mr. Williams. He was panic and apologetic about any wrongdoings.

A couple more weeks went by. Miss Smith felt that Mr. Williams couldn’t carry on an objective discussion but pressed on the issue of getting married.

Miss Smith felt very uncomfortable even texting to Mr. Williams. She picked up her courage and texted Mr. Williams that she decided to end the relationship. Mr. Williams wanted to talk about that once more time face to face.

Miss Smith arrived at Mr. Williams’ apartment next morning. She rang the doorbell but didn’t get any answer. She knocked and knocked. The door cracked open, apparently wasn’t locked. She let herself in. Mr. Williams was sitting on the couch buried his face in his palms. Miss Smith sat down across from Mr. Williams and repeatedly asked how he was doing. Mr. Williams started to bang his head with his fists and started sobbing. Eventually, he was screaming.

“You’re just like everyone else. You don’t care about me. You just want to leave me.”
With that, he went into his bedroom, threw into the bed facing the pillow and sobbed uncontrollably.

“Are you okay? Do you want me to help?”

“You’re no different than anyone. You just want to leave me!”

Miss Smith was getting scared. Her instinct told her that she was facing a problem bigger than she could handle.

She picked her purse, out the door she went, and never looked back.
What do you think about the story? What happened to the relationship of the two? What was going on with Mr. Williams? What do you think about Miss Smith’s decision?
My opening statement is about the dating and allowing the relationship to go through different seasons of changes to establish the stability. It’s not necessarily to go through the seasons of the calendar year.

The symbols of the seasons are:
Summer is filled with sunshine, activities, excitement, fun, and laughter.
Autumn is changing in nature. Leaves lose their pigmentation, alter their colors and wither.
Winter is cold, shivering, bareness, and hibernation.
Spring is the return of life, freshness, blossom, beauty, joy, and hope.

When dating goes through the symbolic changes of seasons, the two individuals stick with each other through thick and thin, learn to give and take the support and appreciation, the ongoing relationship will most likely be able to withstand the changes of the future seasons.

Linda’s SoCS October 21, 2017

SoCS October 6, 2017

When I was promoted to a school district administrator position in 1998, I began to save my vacation days so we could take major travel trips as well as mini trips. As an administrator, I had 22 vacation days, 10 public holidays, and 10 personal leave days. Combining the vacation days and personal leave days, there were six and a half weeks for me to travel.

My administrative work schedule was twelve months a year versus ten-month a year as a teacher. I could go on vacation anytime during the year as long as I planned ahead. My husband had his own business so he could go any time also. We mostly travel during off season. The advantage was having cheaper airfares, plus the tourist areas were not as crowded.

My husband was born in Walla Walla, New South Whale, Australia. His family went to live in England when he was ten years old. They got a better quota to emigrate to U.S. from England. He was twelve years old when the family traveled to U.S. on the British ocean liner Queen Elizabeth. Ever since they arrived in U.S. in 1968, none of the family members had gone back to Australia. We were the first ones went back to visit. It was the first time for me. We went to Sydney, Bandi Beach, Blue Mountain, Caine, Port Douglas, and Cape Tribulation. While in Caine, my husband went diving in Great Barrier Reef. I came home with several pieces of black opals.

When traveling to different countries, it was considered as sightseeing trips. We do take vacations for the main purpose of relaxation. The place for relaxation turned out to be Maui, Hawaii. We got married on Maui Beach in 1996. We had gone back for at least four times. The Road to Hana was one Highway we drove through on every trip. We went up to the top of the volcano a couple times and visited different beaches. There was always time for a morning walk on the beach by the condo we stayed and time to watch the romantic and reflective sunset every evening.

Our last visit to Maui happened during the storm season. The last two days being there was worrisome for me. On a normal circumstance, I wouldn’t worry about extending the stay. But it happened that I was scheduled to pick up Mercy and Will from the airport the day after our return. The following day four of us were going to a wedding. If our flight had been rescheduled, it would have created a domino effect. It was too much for me to think of the possible solution had it happened. I concentrated on praying for the weather instead.

Eventually, the storm made a detour and was diminishing and fading away. Our flight was on time and we had a safe trip home.

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Linda G Hill’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS October 6, 2017

SoCS September 23, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is “hot/cold.” Use one, use both, bonus points if you start your post with one and end with the other. Enjoy! – Linda G Hill

Coffee, Latte, Art, Espresso     Image result for ice water images

Cold air doesn’t agree with my body temperature. When I get up in the morning, I bundle up with several layers so that I wouldn’t feel the cold in the house. I start my day with two cups of hot coffee with cream, no sugar. I usually like to drink my coffee in the garden, checking on the flowers and plants. Sometimes I end up trimming the roses or pulling weeds. By the time I’m done with the coffee, I’m ready to peel off one layer at a time.

The cold in the winter makes me less motivated to go outside. It helps when the heater is on a timer so I could wait for the house to warm up before I get up. Other than the hot coffee I drink first thing in the morning, I also drink hot tea most of the day, except that I only use one tea bag and keep adding hot water to it.

After 4:00 p.m. I would have no caffeine or sweet because they keep me awake at night, so I only drink hot water. When we go out to restaurants, I order hot water. Most of the restaurants serve ice cold water, I have to make sure the servers hear me saying, “Hot.”


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS September 23, 2017

SoCS September 16, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “vol.” Find a word with “vol” in it, and use it in your post. Have fun! – Lind G Hill

This is my fourth year taking classes at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) held at California State University of Fullerton. OLLI is an Institute that offers classes and activities for the semi-retired and retired individuals.

In 1979, a need-assessment by CSU Fullerton indicated that a substantial percentage of Orange County’s population was over 60 age bracket. Recognizing that lifelong learning and social interaction were important keys to a successful retirement, almost 50 enthusiastic members launched the lifelong learning organization. Eventually, the organization raised enough funds to have its own building right in the heart of CSU Fullerton.

The fall semester 2017, there are 186 classes covering the arts, science, technology, special interest groups, trips and other programs. All the individuals on the executive team, chairpersons of committees, and instructors of the classes and activities are volunteers.

I have taken drawing, watercolor, life story writing, chorale, and poetry classes. There are other classes I’m interested in taking such as ceramic, photography, Tai chi, and ballroom dancing. For the current semester, I’m taking poetry, watercolor, and chorale. That’s all the time I could spend on taking classes. I enjoy them and best of all, I made friends with members of these groups.

Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS September 16, 2017

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