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Thursday’s Special – Fall

Paula at Lost in Translation: The theme for this Thursday’s Special – Fall

Portland, Oregon is a place where I always want to come back during the fall season. The foileage around the fall season is magical and dramatic. The colors of the trees can change within days. It is a lovely sight to behold.

We went to St. John Cathedral Park last Sunday. The sky was high with trailing clouds. Many families took advantage of the warm weather, have kids running around the park in this leisure afternoon. One person was making huge bubbles to entertain the kids.

We made it to Sauvie Island and baby Autumn had the first pumpkin patch outing.





Paula’s Thursday’s Special – Fall

Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in October – Y2

Paula’s photo challenges with  PICK A WORD theme. The words to choose from are: mountainous, whiskers, crumbling, spanning, and immaculate.

I picked the word mountainous. On our trip to Germany, we took a tour to visit Eagle’s Nest. When we got to the mountaintop, we were presented with a spectacular view of Bavarian Alps. It was the most majestic mountain range with rivers and lakes at the foot of this enormous limestone.

Bavarian Alps (German: Bayerische Alpen) is a summarizing term of several mountain ranges of the Northern Limestone Alps in the German state of Bavaria.  The Bavarian Alps were heavily influenced by the last ice age. Cirques, lakes, and typical U-shaped valleys were formed by the glaciers. Depositions by the ice age, rivers, and glaciers left behind a gently rolling landscape in the Alpine Foreland with lakes and bogs.

The Kehlsteinhaus is situated on a ridge atop the Kehlstein, a 1,834 m (6,017 ft) sub-peak of the Hoher Göll rising above the town of Berchtesgaden. It was commissioned byMartin Bormann in the summer of 1937. Paid for by the Nazi Party, it was completed in 13 months but held until a formal presentation on April 20, 1939, Adolf Hitler’s 50th birthday as a birthday gift. A 4 m (13 ft) wide approach road climbs 800 m (2,600 ft) over 6.5 km (4.0 mi). Costing RM30 million to build (about 150 million inflation-adjusted euros in 2007), it includes five tunnels but only one hairpin turn.

Bavarian Alp.Germany 1

Bavarian Alps, Germany

Bavarian Alp.Germany 2

Glaciers carved through limestone left rivers behind

Eagle's Nest 1

Eagle’s Nest, Germany

Eagle's Nest 2

Eagle’s Nest area

jupiter najnajnoviji

Paula’s Lost in Translation: Thursday’s special – Pick a Word in October Y2

Thursday’s Special – Imitation

The theme this week for Paula’s Thursday’s Special is Imitation.

My daughter Mercy and her husband Will were planning for their vacation. The idea of going to Dolomite, Italy came up in the conversation. They would like to go on a hiking trip there. Due to one reason or the other, they went to Zion National Park in Utah U.S. instead. When they were thinking about going to Dolomite, I found some stunning mountain ranch images. I picked one and did a watercolor imitation of the photo.


Dolomite, Italy


Watercolor painting by Miriam Hurdle

jupiter najnajnoviji

Paula at Lost in Translation’s Thursday’s Special -Imitation


Thursday’s Special: Pick A Word in September – Y2

It is time for another  PICK A WORD theme. Here are the words to choose from: vintage, bifurcated, intruding, jagged & quayside – Paula

I picked the word jagged. On our trip to Anchorage, Alaska, we took a helicopter ride and saw the most amazing jagged glacier.

Jagged glacier 1

Jagged glacier 2

Jagged glacier 3

Jagged glacier 4

Paula’s Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special: Pick a Word in September – Y2

Thursday’s Special: Oddball

“Here is another Thursday’s Special photo challenge. You have a week (by next Thursday) to post a photo (or several) of an oddity of some kind.” – Paula

I would like to show you a video but my blog theme doesn’t accommodate videos. The best I could do is to show you a series of clips from the video. The oddity of experience was the out of ordinary expectation.

My husband is a helicopter pilot, even though he has not flown for twenty years. On our trip to San Diego, California, we visited the Flying Leatherneck Aviation Museum. After viewing the aircraft exhibit, he wanted to do the 360o simulation flying. When he was inside of the “jet,” he thought he was having visual simulation when he swirled sideways and upside down. Only when I showed him the video, he then realized that the “jet” physically swirled 360o horizontally and vertically. He was actually upside down in the “jet.” He seemed to go wild with his flying to a point that the staff came to make sure the “jet” did not malfunction!



Paula’s Thursday’s Special – Oddball

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