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“Today you are invited to post a portrait and landscape format of the same scene. You may be surprised at how much different they look and what each one reveals. That’s the only requirement for this challenge.” – Paula at Lost in Translation

Here are my portrait and landscape of the same scene at Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba, Spain.

P vs L 2

P vs L 1

jupiter najnajnoviji

Thursday’s Special – Branching

Paula at “Lost in Translation” hosts Thursday’s Special. “It is the first week in June and it is time for another PICK A WORD theme. Here are the words to choose from:

branching  *  vigilant  *  pomp  *  hooked  *  continual

I chose branching to show the branching of canals in Amsterdam.

canal amsterdam 1canal amsterdam 2

canal amsterdam 3


jupiter najnajnoviji

Paul’s Thursday’s Special

Weekly Photo Challenge – Chinese Heritage & Thursday’s Special

Heritage 13

Chinese has more than 5000 years of heritage. I am only touching a drop in the ocean. The following photo is a novelty way to represent the structure of emperors in many dynasties.

Heritage 1

Most social values are derived from Confucianism and Taoism. Confucian thought focuses on the cultivation of virtue and maintenance of ethics, and the importance of the family and social harmony.

Heritage 6

Heritage 2

Heritage 3

Heritage 4

Taoism is a religious or philosophical tradition of Chinese origin which emphasizes living in harmony. Taoist ethics in general tend to emphasize Naturalness: simplicity and spontaneity. The Three Treasures are: Compassion, Frugality, and Humility.

Heritage 5

The ancient written standard was Classical (Traditional) Chinese. It was used for thousands of years. The modern standard is Simplified Chinese. As for spoken language, there are multiple dialects in different regions of China. The Reformers established a Beijing-based Mandarin as a national spoken language.

Heritage 7

The music, dance, acrobat, Kungfu, Tai chi, arts, ceramic, architecture, and cuisine also play major roles in Chinese heritage.

Heritage 8

Heritage 9

Heritage 10

Heritage 11

Heritage 12

Weekly Photo Challenge: Heritage

Paula’s Thursday’s Special – Traces of the Past


Paula at “Lost in Translation” posts a question this week: “Have you found beauty this spring? If so, please share it for this Thursday Special themed VERNAL.

Spring is my favorite season. At the end of winter, I started pruning the roses, trimming  other plants, or planting new bulbs. Currently I have forty some rose bushes. When I started planting roses, I almost got all red color. As years go by, I fell in love with other colors. So I have quite a few varieties of roses with yellow, salmon, pink, lavender, and lilac colors.

spring 1

spring 2 - Copy

spring 3

spring 4

spring 5

spring 6

spring 7

Daily  prompt: Pink

Thursday Special – Pick A Word in May -Y2

Paula Borkovic “Lost in Translation” at hosts a THURSDAY’S SPECIAL

For this week, it is a PICK A WORD IN MAY – Y2. Here is the word list:

Confined, Jazzy, Patulous (as in overgrown), Momentous (as in life-changing), and  Serene (as in serenissima)

I picked the word Patulous as in overgrown. One neighbor has grown some Morning Glory years ago. The flowers are very pretty. It is a vine that crawls wherever it has a little space. After a few years, their slope in the backyard is covered with Morning Glory. The vine also goes over to several neighborhoods. I have special plants on my slope, so I always guard it for coming to my slope.

Petulous 1

Petulous 2

Petulous 3

Thursday’s Special – Section

I discovered another lovely blog today – Paula’s “Lost In Translation” blog. She has a Thursday’s Special challenge.  The theme for his week is Section.

SECTION – segment, part, component, or in terms of photography a crop of a larger view. Have you ever taken a photo of something and then cropped it to add interest, to improve composition or to zoom in on something? – Paula

We went on the afternoon walk around Laguna Lake a few days ago. A pleasant surprise came before my sight. A mama duck was floating in the water with seven ducklings. The ducklings tend to stay very close to each other as well as trailing the mama duck. These were the youngest ducklings I’ve seen in the lake. In this post, I include two sets photos – two originals and two cropped photos of close-up on the ducklings.

Section duckings 1.

Section duckings 2.

Section duckings 3.

Section duckings 4

Paula at Lost in Translation: Thursday’s Special – Section

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