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Companion Ticket


I used to have a credit card associated with another airline. When the annual fee was raised, I started thinking about switching to another company. Then Alaska airline had a credit card offer with lower annual fee, plus an annual companion ticket flying anywhere in U.S. with $99. The only condition is that the cardholder has to be a passenger of the same trip and pay a regular air fare. I thought it was reasonable. So I signed up. My husband has been taking advantage of the companion ticket price once a year for many years.


Daily Prompt: Passenger

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Old, Historical Sites in China

The theme for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge this week is “Old.” I thought of finding all the photos show the old cars I had, old collections, or old furnitures. But my final focus goes back to the ancient structures or historical sites of China.

Old 1Old 2Old 3Old 4Old 5Old 6

Here is Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo Challenge for May 30, 2017: Tuesday Photo Challenge: Old, Historical Sites in China