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Hidden Talents

Children’s potentials are quietly hidden

Patiently waiting to be let out of prison

A teacher with observant eyes, or

A parent with attentive mind

Will readily be able to identify

A musical talent with rhythmic movement

Enthusiastic sing or playing instruments

An artistic talent of engaging sketching

Creativity in conventional playing

Numbers are endless fun and game

Curiosity keeps the mind trying without tiring

The hidden talents show the innocent flame

They could be ignored and fade away, or

Recognized and encouraged to reach their favorite stage

~     ~     ~

Note: I am the recipient of being discovered and nurtured my singing talent. I have been singing in public since my teenage years! I’m grateful for the choir leaders, my voice teachers, and groups invited me to be soloist.

Daily Prompt: Hidden

Daily Prompt – Oversight

A little hole here,

A little gap there.

The missing parts

Bring about by oversight.

Insecure feeling in a child, who

Needs a nod or a smile;

Hurtful heart in a spouse, who

Waits for a word of love;

Unsure look on a friend, who

Expects a hug before goodbye.

Mending the difference is an essence; by

Mutual communication,

Slower the pace of interaction,

Ensuring sensitive attention,

Valuing relationship over tasks done.

Oversight is to be forgiven, or

Bridge the gap with a kiss and a hug!

Daily Prompt: Oversight