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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #10: Fences

The theme for Lens-Artists Photo Challenge this week is Fences. There are fences near and far, close to home and around the globe. Some fences are made with rod iron, wood, stones, cement, plants, flowers, lava rocks or a combination of the above. The functions of the fences are to be for prohibition, protection, security, divider, or beauty. In this post, I have included some examples of the forms and functions of the fences.

1.1 Cherry Blossom Japan

Cherry blossoms between the stone and wooden fences in Japan.

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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #9: Action

Action in the air, on the ridge of the high mountains, and in the depth of the ocean – a conservative description of my husband.

My husband is adventurous. He is a helicopter pilot. He keeps his pilot license active but doesn’t fly anymore because the air traffic in southern California is too busy. When he flew, he had a close call experience with a police helicopter. Helicopters are not within the control of Air Traffic Control and pilots must use their judgments.

My hubby rode dirt bikes, but he quit before he got married because I worried to death about his safety. He broke his wrist and ankle three weeks before our wedding. Walking down the aisle with a crutch was the decision, that’s part of life.

He is a diver. Diving was something he continued to do until the Key West trip in 2011. He dived in Aruba, Australia, Maui in Hawaii several times, North Carolina, southern California, and Key West in Florida.

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Synchronization and Balance in Music

In an orchestra, the musicians who play different instruments have their seating or standing positions in a certain order for the balance of the sound,  A Full Orchestra and a Symphony Orchestra have different seating orders.

When we were in Austria, we attended a Mozart / Strauss Concert. The music was played by a Symphony Orchestra. We enjoyed my favorite Waltz, The Blue Danube by Johann Strauss, Jr. and Mozart’s popular symphony.

music 4

music 1

music 2

music 3

Weekly Photo Challenge: Order

The Sound of Music – Austria


Austria is a beautiful country to visit. The mountain ranch is majestic. Being a music lover, traveled to Salzburg and Vienna was a thrill to me. We visited Mozart’s Birthplace, admired his statute, and enjoyed the beauty of Salzsach River. We didn’t have a chance to visit the movie site where “The Sound of Music” was made, but we drove by the Von Trapp Family Home. The color photo is from the movie, and the black and white photo is the real Von Trapp family. For more real story about the Von Trapp Family, please refer to http://www.ebners-waldhof.com/von-trapp-family.






We went on to Vienna, and enjoyed a Romantic concert of Mozart and Strauss.

Daily Prompt: Sound

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Ski Jump Stadium – Innsbruck, Austria

This is the Ski Jump Stadium for Winter Olympics 1964, 1976, and Youth Olympics 2012, in Innsbruck, Austria. During the winter Olympics, the landing slope is covered with snow.

Looking up to the top of the ski jump from the stadium.


Looking from the top to the stadium.


There is staircase to go to the top where the skiers jump. I took the staircase to go up.


From the top of the ski jump area, we can look across and see the majestic mountain range in Austria.


Stadium with the mountain range in the background.



Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge, December 7, 2016

– Photos by Miriam Hurdle