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Wonderful Baby Shower

Mercy had a fun Baby Shower on Saturday. Many friends came from near and far. The hostess was very creative in decorating her house for the party. There were several activities such as filling out a “Guessing” card, guess the gender, the weight, height, eye color of the baby. Another activity was filling out an “I Wish” card addressing to the baby of the thing they wish the baby will be or will do. After eating, Mercy opened the gifts. The person who gave the gift also gave her some advice or insight of being a mom. As part of the support, the hostess had the ladies sign up a “Meal Train” to bring meals to Mercy and Will after the baby is born. It was a successful party full of surprises and laughter.


SoCS August 19, 2017

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: “pant.” Use one the word “pant” as is, or find a word with “pant” in it and base your post on it. Have fun! – Lind G Hill

I arrived Portland on Tuesday night, was eagerly anticipant of my daughter’s Baby Shower on Saturday. My daughter’s best friend coordinates the Shower. I was a proud participant of hosting team by preparing food and drinks.

Will’s cousin and her daughter arrived from Seattle on Thursday night to attend the Shower on Saturday. Will and Mercy took Friday off to spend time with them. The weather was very mild. Will took us to the river in Moulton Falls Regional Park in Washington. We stopped by one area with calm water. Both Will and Mercy jumped into the cool water. I rolled up my pants and got my feet and legs wet. The nearby Water Fall was gorgeous. Mercy and I both enjoy photography; we lingered and snapped the shots from different angles. It was such a relaxing afternoon with family.

Moulton Fall 1

Moulton Fall 2

With a pant, Will jumped into the water

Moulton Fall 3

Mercy and the baby are swimming

Moulton Fall 4

In the evening, I did my assignment of preparing the fruit skewers. I am excited about the baby Shower and expect to have many, many participants.


Linda’s Stream of Consciousness Saturday: SoCS August 19, 2017

100 Word Wednesday: Week 30 – Baby Shower

The Baby Shower is coming up. The coordinator sent out a Planning spreadsheet. The team will prepare the bite size sandwiches, appetizers, rainbow fruit skewers, hot and cold drinks, party favorites, wall and table decorations. I’ll prepare cold drinks. One drink is pink grapefruit punch, garnished with real fruit and rosemary. Making rainbow fruit skewers is another task of mine. A photo corner with Décor and photo props will be for family and friends to have photos taken with the mother-to-be. I can visualize it will be such a beautiful party. I’m excited for Mercy and Will, the new parents.


Bikurgurl’s 100 Word Wednesday: Week 30

It Takes A Village

karen 2

My group of ladies is specialized in one thing – showering our daughters and daughters-in-law with love and blessings. We do that consistently to each other’s girls.

We give bridal showers to bless the marriages of the brides and grooms. The bridal shower gifts are enough to help the new couples to start the new homes with bedding linens, bathroom items, kitchen pots and pans, utensils and more.

When these princesses are expecting their babies, we give them baby showers – showering the new parents with warm wishes, cute baby gifts to support their new parenthood.

Even though my daughter lives 1000 miles away, and her baby shower is in Portland, Oregon. This group of ladies shows their love and support by contributing a sum of money to get several large items of baby gifts for my daughter.

This afternoon I went to a bridal shower for the daughter of a lady in this group. The party was elaborate with beautiful decoration and delicious food, sandwiches, scones, different kinds of tea and dessert. The gifts were generous. We enjoyed so much sharing the happiness of the bride-to-be. The groom-to-be showed up at the end, helping to carry the gifts home. We had a chance to congratulate him.

We will continue this tradition. It takes a village to support a child and the child’s child!

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Daily Prompt: Tea