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Colleen’s Poetry Challenge – Personal Preference

Colleen said, “Let’s PLAY with opposites! Here are your two words for this week: Pretty & Ugly.” – Synonyms Only.

Here’s the poem about contrast and personal preference.


Image result for contrast images


Personal Preference


Pleasing view to me

Unsightly scene to others

Taste buds are distinct

No worries of sweet or sour

In time, you’ll find lovers




Colleen’s Poetry Challenge – Personal Preference





Edible Garden


Edible 1

Edible 3

My garden is a sanctuary where I’m

Amazed the Creator’s beauty

Dig my fingers into the soil

Making connection with earth

Water it until it’s moist

Enjoy the harvest of edible garden

Several hundred Valencia Oranges

Love the squeezed juice for months

Abundant Santa Rosa Plums

Consume some and share some

Bundles of Flame Seedless Grapes

Grow faster than I can pick

Dozens of Delicious Red Apples

Still in green, are not yet ripe

Heartfelt thankfulness for

My delightful edible Garden

Edible 4

Edible 5


Daily Prompt: Edible

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Nature’s Beauty, Hot Spring

hot-springsThis is the Hot Spring in Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA. I always want to travel to places where there are hot springs. I would like to jump in and see how it feels. The above Hot Spring would not be the one I want to jump into. The temperature may go up to as hot as boiling level. Th boiling bubbles dance up and down create a screen as the light shines through.

Camera: Canon SX 700 HS 30X Optical Zoom, Point and Shoot

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Natures Beauty

Weekly Photo Challenge: Shine