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Timed Pause

Pause. Mark Twain

The art of pause is very important in my counseling service. Most of the ladies who seek help have complex issues. Sometimes they have a lot to talk about and are happy that someone listens to them. Other times, they couldn’t find words to describe their thoughts and feelings. I am to feel comfortable to pause and allow silence. I find pause and silence is as effective as talking!

Daily Prompt: Pause



Have you ever felt that no one has listened to you all your life? Well, my volunteer work is doing just that – listening. I am a  volunteer counselor. I got my master’s degree in counseling. I did full time counseling for two year. Then my life took a turn, and I became an educator – a teacher and a school district administrator. After I retired from my education career, I decided to do some volunteer work that makes a difference.

I got involved in the church counseling services. Many ladies, who seek help, expressed that I was the first person who listened to them. I feel privileged to witness God’s miracles intervene their lives. The counseling helped them to process their grief, anger, abuse, and other kinds of sufferings. At the end, they were able to experience self-forgiveness, forgiving, love, and a new life!


Daily Prompt: Volunteer