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Flash Fiction Challenge – Water Rationing

March 21, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that features a bucket of water.



Water Rationing


“This is the third year we suffer from the drought.” The Hubby said.

“The temperature was above 100o Fahrenheit for six weeks, too hot.” The Wife sighed.

“Our city announced water rationing, limits watering the lawn to twice a week, no hosing the driveway.”

“How do we wash our cars?”

“Use buckets of water.”

“How do you wash the top of your SUV? The city doesn’t know if you use the water hose.”

“There must be a way of monitoring.”

“Well, I know. You can still use the water hose, just put a bucket of water by the car.”


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Charli Mills: Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction Challenge – Water Rationing

Rain Clouds



Yearlong drought, harshly dry air.

Grass turned golden brown, flowers shrunk.

Water rationing!

Throat burning, nostril bleeding.

Humidifier needed.

Let the grass be golden brown,

We are in the Golden State, they say.

Wait! What a sight!

Rain clouds are forming, dark and heavy.

Will it rain?

Wonderful it would be, if the clouds grow heavy.

Down, down, they fall, rain for us, they pour!

– Photos by Miriam Hurdle

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