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Colleen’s Poetry Challenge – Poet’s Choice of Words, Chill & Hot

“It’s the first of the month and poets get to choose their own words!” – Colleen Chesebro



Thunder storm

Gusty wind blasts

Snaps exposed tree limbs

Endless streams splash puddles

Muddy rain water splatters

Under squeaky vehicles

No desire to fight no-win battle

Sit by the fire sipping hot chocolate

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Colleen’s Poetry Challenge: Happy December – Poet’s Choice of Words, Chill & Hot

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fireplace

The cold winter is here. Even though it doesn’t have snow here, but the temperature drops. When we turn on the heat, upstairs is warm and downstairs is still cold. We enjoy to have fire in our fireplace downstairs. I took photos of the burning logs with the flames dancing. Then I played with Prisma with the same photos to get different effects. I only chose the conservative options. Here they are.





Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fire