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Happy Easter to You

Happy Easter to you!

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Did you have an Easter egg hunt this morning with your kids or grandkids?

Last year Autumn dyed the eggs with the help of her dad. On Easter Sunday, she had an Easter egg hunt outside of the house. My daughter, Mercy did a good job hiding the eggs, but Autumn found all the eggs.

When Mercy was a kid, I put messages in the plastic eggs and hid them inside and outside of the house. I helped her find the first egg. She read the age-appropriate math problem, solved it, and read the message that led her to the next egg until she found all the eggs. She looked forward to the Easter egg hunt for many years.

When I sang in the choir, the church used to have four Easter Sunday services with the first service starting at 6:30 a.m. The following recording was from 2015.

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