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Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Look Down at Things


Lantau Peak is the second highest summit in Hong Kong. It is a perfect spot to watch the sunrise. The climb takes around two hours. Many people spend a night at a hotel in Ngong Ping and set off about 4:00 a.m. to catch the 6:00 a.m. sunrise from its peak. When we were in Hong Kong, we took the cable car to ride to the peak. The hiking trails below can be clearly seen from the cable car.






Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge – Looking Down at Things

Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This was our trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Just follow the sign.

grand-canyon-of-yellowstoneHere is the Waterfall and River.


There was warning sign along the trail.


Many hiking trails like this one to hike down to the river.


There are also staircases to walk down to the river and walk up. I chose to take the staircase. Here I was, in the yellow shirt.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 30, 2016


Where do you go hiking, biking, or horse riding? We are fortunate to live in a city where trails and trails are intertwined throughout the city. Some biking trails are along the homes’ backyards.

The crosswalk is horse friendly. The people walk and horse walk buttons are equally important.

When my husband and I go hiking, he likes to hike in the biking trails for it seems to be more challenging. Of course the bikers and hikers are good dancers when it comes to sharing the trail!

Daily Prompt: Hike                                                              – Photos by Miriam Hurdle


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