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February 14: Flash Fiction Challenge – Love

February 14, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about valentines. It can be Valentine’s Day, the exchange, love for another, romance, or friendship. Have a heart and go where the prompt leads!


The English word love covers a wide spectrum of emotions from liking to loving with mind and heart. The Greek word ‘agape’ has a general meaning of love not based on merit of the person loved, but rather unconditional. It continues to give even when the other is unkind, unresponsive and unworthy. It only desires good things for the other and is compassionate. The Greek word ‘phileo’ is the love with affection, companionship in deep and intimate relationship found in friendship or family.

In this lonely planet, we are losing the agape and phileo love. Many people say, “I love you.” But they mean “I want to own you and control you,” or “I give you when you give me with the same amount,” or “I give you some if you give me more,” or even mean “I give you a little to get you hooked on to give me all.” Read more

Blessed Wedding

We attended our friends’ daughter’s wedding today. Both the bride and groom are twins. The bride is a fraternal twin and the groom is an identical twin. They both are engineers. Both fathers of the bride and the groom, the Maid of Honor – the bride’s sister, and the Best Man – the groom’s twin brother gave touching stories about the bride and the groom.

Six weeks before the wedding, my friend went to the store to pick up her daughter’s wedding gown. It was before the store hour when she was let in, to get her daughter’s gown. Right after that, the store was officially shut down, because the owner filed bankruptcy on the previous day. My friend ordered her gown from the same store and was not allowed to pick it up. It was such a blessing that the bride’s gown was picked up to avoid any stress on the pride. A customed made wedding gown takes at least six months to order in advance.

Everything went well with the wedding, even though it sprinkled for a while but didn’t rain. We sat at a table with all the friends of twenty-eight years – my friend and her daughter made the seating arrangement. We had a wonderful four hours of talking with each other, catching up the latest of what happened to each others’ lives.


Most of all, we are happy for the blessed new couple.


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three

“… Three…As usual, there are many ways to capture an image for this week’s theme, so open up your creative minds and go have fun with this one!!” – Frank

When I saw Frank’s theme for the week is “three,” the first thought came to me was “trio.”

I sang in many weddings. When the wedding of my daughter and son-in-law was at hand, I wanted to bless them with the song “The Lord’s Prayer.” An invitation was sent to two of my sisters to sing a “trio” with me. I copied the accompaniment sound track and the lyrics, mailed one set to a sister in Hong Kong, and one set to a sister in Los Angles. On one side of the tape was only the sound track, but the other side had voice singing. We learned by listening and practicing separately. One hour before the wedding was the only rehearsal we had together before singing for real. Being sisters, we could have sung well together without rehearsal. It turned out to be a meditative prayer to the bride and groom!

To play along with Frank’s theme, I only picked out the photos with three people in them.


Mercy, the bride, Maid of Honor (left) and Bridesmaid (right)


Will, the Groom, Best Man (right) and Groomsman (left)


Will’s Mom Kathy, Will and Mercy


Lynton, Mercy and me


Pastor officiated the exchange of vows and rings


The three sisters, Queenie, me and Yolanda singing “The Lord’s Prayer”


Mercy and Will, after taking communion, lit two candles into one. Meditated on “The Lord’s Prayer” with Divine’s presence

husband n wife

Divine moment, Pastor pronounced them “husband and wife”


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Three




52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 5


This is the 52 Weeks of Thankfulness – Week 5 at Haddon Musings

My husband has been retired for six months. He is happy to spend more time at home. I’m thankful that we could do more things together. We have been keeping up our workout schedule at the gym three times a week in the morning. On the same gym day, we go to Laguna Lake where he runs and I walk in the afternoon. In the evening, we try to play board game together once a week. I’m very good at board games, so far I’m winning! This night we played Chinese checkers. I played on green and he played on blue. I reached the destination across the board to his side. He came to my side with two steps before all the checkers were in. ♥♥

week 4a


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My Turn

We just came back from a 10-day vacation.

“My Turn!” It is a long story. I am trying to put it in a capsule……

Year 1998, I was promoted from a classroom teacher to a school district administrator.

The package came with 12 work months, 22 vacation days and 10 personal or sick leave days.

My husband had his own business and a flexible schedule.

We started to do one major and several mini-travels a year.

My husband liked to pick destinations where he could go diving.

I don’t dive! I could do snorkeling.

After several diving vacations, I recommended taking turns to pick vacation destinations.

My husband made the last pick: Maui, Hawaii. It was our fourth visit!

This year is my turn! My choice was Spain.

It was a wonderful trip! We visited Madrid, Seville, Granada, Toledo, and Barcelona.

Oh, it was beyond wonderful, because we celebrated our wedding anniversary with Catalonian dinner and watched Dancing Fountains in Barcelona!

(More travel pictures will be posted.)


triathlon 4

triathlon 4

Mercy Rossi, my daughter, and Will Rossi, her husband participated in a triathlon in June 2015. They were in a competition, but not with each other! They did swimming first. In the process, she was off track a little bit. He waited for her. They came out of the water almost at the same time. It was just a few minutes apart according to the timer of my camera. They did the bicycling second. Will was just a couple bike lengths ahead of Mercy. He always was within her sight. Finally, they did running. Again, they were running side by side. He might have been a few steps ahead sometimes.

At the final stretch, they were holding hands, pushed through the finishing line together, both with their hands in the air, and big smiles on their faces!

I was honored to be there to join the cheering team. Friends came with signs of cheering messages. Two friends were not in the competition but they were riding the bicycles alongside them.

What a great memory! What a great event!

Daily Prompt: Final

Marriage Love Is…What?



Marriage Love is……what?

Love is a gift I give and receive.

Love is my expression to him and reception of his.

Love is admitting and receiving apologies.

Love is to forgive and be forgiven.

Love is self-interest and self-sacrifice.

Love is strength and vulnerability.

Love is caring and being taken care of.

Love is my respect to him and to be respected.

Love is my desire to grow and encouragement for him to grow.

Love is firm and flexible.

Love is kind and honest.

Love is patience we have for each other………..

Love is a balance of feelings and responsibilities.