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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Weather

Frank at Dutch Goes the Photo this week goes with the theme Weather.

weather 1

There were sunny but not too hot for several weeks. We went to Laguna Beach, Southern California, two weeks ago. Families enjoyed sitting under their beach umbrellas. Ladies were sunbathing in their natty bathing suits. Kids were running in and out of the water.

weather 2

There were two basketball courts by the beach for people to jump in and shoot hoops. I had my hat on to shade my face and my eyes. We stopped by different arts displays, such as oil painting, watercolor painting, color pencil drawing, sculptures, and more. It’s always inspiring to me to look at all the arts, and I thought, “I could do that!”

We got up this morning, the sun didn’t show up. It was drizzling. When I went to the yard to check the plants and fruit trees, I could feel the moist on my face.  Looking up into the sky, the clouds were dark and heavy. I wonder if it is going to rain tonight!

weather 4

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Weather

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