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Mourning Dove’s Nest

In the year past, Mourning Doves built their nest in the pepper tree

Thinking it was hidden in the branches and leaves

Unseen and protected from animal predators and human

She laid her eggs then hopefully and patiently waited

The cunning squirrel didn’t have to climb tree from below

He found a way to sneak down from the wires above

Heartlessly stole the eggs to satisfy for one meal

“Don’t you know? It is lives and happiness you stole!”

Mama Dove was shocked and mourning her loss for days


They came back to my backyard after winter passed

It’s a whole year’s wait, again to play and mate

They grew wiser in choosing a place for the nest made

Between the eaves and window frame was the perfect place

Nest made and eggs paid at a cool corner where it’s safe

She was relaxed with precious eggs under the belly to incubate

I did my gardening right by the window where she stayed

She didn’t move a wing when some photos I had taken

I too hopefully and patiently wait to see her babies hatching

Three Eggs, Four Babies

In one of my Blogger Award acceptance response, I talked about my bird watching and bird feeding the last two years. I also talked about birds making nests in my front yard and backyard. Brigid P. Gallapher from watchingthedaisies.wordpress.com  asked me to post some pictures of the process from female bird laying eggs to eggs being hatched, growing, grown and gone.

Here are a few pictures during April 14 to May 12, 2016.

April 14, 2016, three eggs were laid. April 17, 2016, female robin was incubating the eggs.

May 1, 2016, four birds were hatched.  May 5, 2016, birds’ feathers were growing.

May 5, 2016, male robin watched near by. May 11, 2016 birds’ feathers were full grown.

May 12, 2016, one last feeding the grown birds. May 12, 2016, baby birds couldn’t fit into the tiny nest. One stretch, and every bird got pushed out of the nest. Woosh! They were gone!

The last feeding picture was taken behind the window. It was not as clear as the other pictures. I hope you share my joy of watching them!