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Baby Doves Were Growing

Mama Dove was still incubating on July 3, 2017. The first photos of the Baby Doves were taken on July 4. They must be hatched in the middle of the night. By the time I took the photos on the 4th in the afternoon, the first Baby’s feathers were dried. The second Baby’s feathers were still wet.

baby dove 2

First day of Baby Doves

On July 5th early in the morning, I saw Mama Dove was sitting with the second Baby lying sideways under Mama’s bosom. I wonder if Mama was staying with her all night to keep her warm. Mama didn’t stay with them all day. She had to go look for food or eat the bird seeds I put by their nest.

Dove 2017.07.05 a

Second Day

On July 6th in a late morning, Mama Dove was with the Babies again. This time, the first Baby was lying sideways underneath her. After the day turned warmer, she took off to find food.

Dove 2017.07.05 b

Third Day

On July 7th, both Babies looked good. The second Baby looked healthy, even though one spot under the chin still didn’t have feathers.  Mama was sitting side by side with Babies, no longer needed to keep them under her warm bosom.

Dove 2017.07.05 d

Two Baby Turtle Doves, Fourth Day

Dove 2017.07.05 c

Mama was sitting side by side with Big Baby, Fourth Day

Baby Doves were growing!


Our Love


SoCS July 1, 2017 -Baby Registry

“The prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is: ‘ooooh, aaaah,’. Use it as a phrase, or break it apart. And since I love bonus points, bonus points if you somehow manage to start and end with all or part. That’s about it, oh yeah, I almost forgot – Enjoy!” – Dan Antion for Linda G. Hill

Ooooh, my daughter’ Baby Registry is up

I see a teether, It’s Sophie the Giraffe

Another teether, Munchkin school of fish bath

Aaaah, plenty of options for a baby gift

A bodysuit, “Daddy’s Little Sunshine”

3-piece gray button down cardigan with hood

Ooooh, Books, books, and books too

Good Morning, Good Night! A touch and feel bedtime book

Little Blossoms –Letter to My Baby Keepsake Journal

Aaaah, something is downright practical

Soothing bottom wash

Coconut care diaper cream

Ooooh, so many cute baby things.  Aaaah, so very precious!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Great Wall Steps

“This week, I’m going back to one of my old tricks…  The theme of Steps can be taken in several directions thanks to the English language.” – Frank

When we took our family vacation to China, the first visit was the section of Great Wall in Beijing. The tour guide picked a section with easy walking in one direction and challenging climbing in another direction. Mercy and Will took off to do their climbing. Because of the steepness of the Wall, each step is higher than usual steps. They seemed to enjoy the climb.

Steps 1

Steps 2

Steps 3

I can’t help but think of their next big step – being new parents!


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There is no such a thing as perfect parenthood

Who is the paragon of father or mother

Claim to have a one size fits all formula

Children are unique and special

Have different talents but same potential

Minds like sponges, soak in as much as available

A secure environment and loving care

Could bring out their creativity and the best

What they would have become

Does not totally depend on us

It takes a village and the Almighty to raise a child

In the end, we just ask for wisdom and do our best


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