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Lawn Be in Charge

One month ago, my husband couldn’t find the mint I had planted for him. He uses mint for tea and mixed drink. I had several mint plants throughout the garden, and was surprised he noticed the missing mint at a specific spot. He eventually found a bundle from the green can where gardeners made the disposal after mowing the lawn. Apparently, one of the gardeners thought it was weed and pulled it out.

This incident was leading to letting go of the gardeners. Since my husband is retired, he would like to mow the lawn by himself. He wanted to get a rechargeable battery operated lawn mower, a trimmer and a grass blower. The total amount of purchasing was closely equivalent to one year of pay to the gardeners. After one year, his continued use of the lawn mower would be a gain. The plan was financially sound and has a great Return On Investment (ROI). I had no qualm of the decision.

I take care of the flowers, fruit trees and other bushes! He is in charge of the lawn. Here we are, having a new lawn mower, and happy mowing every week!

Lawn mowing

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