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Morning Outing

Newport Beach 1

On Saturday June 24, 2017, there were about 20 ladies from our church group had a women’s annual Morning Outing. We gathered at the church parking lot, and then carpooled to Newport Beach, California. After we arrived, we parked the car on Bayside Drive, and walked through the beautiful Balboa Island neighborhood. This Island is a Prime Real Estate. The homes facing the ocean cost a bundle. Each home is a two-story building with a narrow front patio. In front of the patio are two strips of flower beds. The homeowners take pride to maximize the small flower bed space. They all have extravagant patterns of flower arrangements.

After we walked through the Balboa Island neighborhood, we took the ferry to get to the beach. We walked along the beach to the Newport Beach Pier. At the end of the Pier was the Ruby restaurant where we had breakfast. After breakfast, we leisurely walked on the pier, watched people surfing, swimming, or fishing. Some ladies left early, some left later. We all had a good exercise, good breakfast, enjoyable time of talking and laughing with each other.

Newport Beach 8