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Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Cooling

My daughter Mercy, her hubby Will took me to Moulton Falls Regional Park, Washington in August 2017, five weeks before Autumn was born.

The 387-acre park is at the East Fork of the Lewis River and Big Tree Creek. It has two waterfalls and an arch bridge. The depths of the river very and have swift currents. It is a perfect place for cooling off to walk in the park or swim in the river.

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100 Word Wednesday – Week 26

Bikurgurl 2017

I grew up in Hong Kong

Islands surrounded by water

Taking the ferries was a daily matter

Vehicles went through tunnel under sea

When I came to Portland, Oregon

I lived by Willamette River

Crossing bridges was a must when going places

Then I came to Seattle, Washington

University was near Peugeot Sound

Walking on waterfront was always pleasant

Taking a trip to Floating Bridge was a treat

Now I live in Southern California

Live by a lake within walking distance

Beaches are just thirty minutes’ drive away

I am thankful to live close to the water all my life


Written in response to the image by Bikurgurl –100WW Week 26


Cee’s Which Way Challenge – Grand Canyon of Yellowstone

This was our trip to the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone. Just follow the sign.

grand-canyon-of-yellowstoneHere is the Waterfall and River.


There was warning sign along the trail.


Many hiking trails like this one to hike down to the river.


There are also staircases to walk down to the river and walk up. I chose to take the staircase. Here I was, in the yellow shirt.


Cee’s Which Way Photo Challenge – November 30, 2016