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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Longleat, England

The theme for Frank’s Tuesday Photo Challenge this week is: Field

We went to London during our trip to Europe. We arrived five days prior to the tour group. My childhood friend and her husband took us sightseeing. This stately home reminds me of Downton Abbey!

Longleat is an English stately home in Somerset, England. It is an early example of the Elizabethan prodigy house. The house is set in 1,000 acres of parkland with 4,000 acres of let farmland and 4,000 acres of woodland. It was the first stately home to open to the public, and the Longleat estate includes the first safari park outside Africa.

The lovely cottage caught my attention and I took several photos of it. The last photo shows the monkeys freely roam in the safari park and climb on the cars that drive through a small area of the park.

c21 Longleat (2)

c22 Longleat (2)

c31 Longleat (2)

c34 Longleat Safari (2)

Frank’s Dutch Goes the Photo: Tuesday Photo Challenge – Longleat, England


Tuesday Travel Highlight – London

Visiting London was something I always wanted to do. My childhood friend lives in London. We arrived five days prior to the travel tour. My friend and her husband took us to cities outside of London. We went to Stonehenge, Longleat, and Bath. While in Bath, we visited Jane Austen Center. I am a Jane Austen fan, so the visit was a treat to me.

Stonehenge is all fenced in for preservation. We could only see them from a distance.


Longleat is in Wiltshire, Somerset. It is the first stately home open to the public. The Longleat estate includes the first safari park outside Africa.




Bath is a city in the county Somerset, 97 miles west of London. It is known for its Roman-built baths.


My husband lived in London when he was eleven and twelve years old. We stopped by the house and took a picture of the house.


The London we saw in photos, the tour took us to visit Windsor Castle, Buckingham Palace, London Bridge, and Westminster Abbey.