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Lens-Artists Challenge #24 – Seasonal

I came to Portland, Oregon in the US as a graduate student some forty years ago. It was November that year when I saw snow for the first time through a high ceiling window in the hallway of a meeting room. I jumped up and down and shouted, “It’s snowing. It’s snowing.” The local students walked by me and grinned. They might think, “What’s so exciting about snow? Silly.”

A month later during the winter break, I went with a group of students to Los Angeles and sat in the sun on Christmas day.

After graduated with my first master’s degree, I went to Seattle Pacific University to do my second master’s degree. That winter, Seattle welcomed me with 7 inches of snow. I was so excited and made a snowman with my leather gloves on my hands. Nobody told me that the leather would turn hard and stiff when it gets wet. I ruined the nice leather gloves.

I don’t do too well in cold weather, the weather in southern California seemed to agree with me and that is where I have stayed since finishing my study in Seattle.

My daughter is living in Portland, Oregon. She knows I love snow even though my body feels better in a warmer place. There was a heavy snow two years ago. The first thing she did was taking photos and sent them to me.

As far as southern California, it feels like summer is the longest season year round with a teasing winter and hair line period of autumn and short and sweet spring. The weather has been moderate besides the thunderstorm a couple weeks ago. I took photos of my garden today and have some beautiful flowers to share with you. Before I do that, just want to show you my baby hummingbird.

The baby hummingbird is eight months old. He is doing well and flying further away from the kitchen window. I know that the baby is not able to fly 900 miles straight to Mexico for winter, but I wasn’t sure if the parents were going. It’s December and the parents are still around. It seems like the family will stay for winter.

Baby hummingbird used to perch on the palm tree in the center of the photo. A month ago, he started to fly further from the feeder to the eucalyptus tree on the left. 

Here are the flowers in my winter garden.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge #24 – Seasonal

Lens Artists Photo Challenge #15: Changing and/or Changeable

We took our second trip to Anchorage, Alaska in May 2018. Our first visit was several years ago one week after the summer season. We missed going to Denali by one week because the train was close. Every year the train stops going to Denali to let the snow pile up during winter. This time I did my booking to ensure a tour to Denali.


On the day of the tour, we boarded the coach in the morning. The weather was not very promising. The tour guide said it couldn’t guarantee to have a clear sky to view Mt. McKinley, the highest mountain of the northernmost of the United States which is 20,320 feet. Read more

Snowing – Portland, OR

Our daughter and son-in-law live in Portland, Oregon. It was snowing last night. They sent us photos around 9:30 p.m. The snow kept falling overnight. They sent us photos of the snow again at 10:00 a.m. this morning. Wow, it was so lovely. How we wish we were there. The good news was that they could work at home through the company internet.12




– Photos by Mercy Rossi

Four Seasons

Daily Prompt: Realize

Living in Southern California, I didn’t realize that autumn is here. My maple tree is still green. I suddenly remember the time I lived elsewhere, when the trees, mountains, streets, gardens, parks, and beaches, tell me different season is here. Once in a while, I go back to visit the place I used to live – Portland, Oregon. When I go, I take photos, save them to remind me that there are four seasons, even though they aren’t apparent in this part of town.

The four seasons in Portland, Oregon:


Spring flowers along the fence


Cherry blossom in Japanese Garden.


Summer spectacular in Rose Garden


Casual playing in the park


Fall colors of orange, red trees on the street


Pumpkins in a raised flower bed.


Winter fun of skiing on Mount Adams


Hibernating trees around town.

– Photos by Miriam Hurdle and Mercy Rossi