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Weekly Photo Challenge – New Horizon

There are 16 days left for 2016. What is my 2017 Resolution? Well, I started doing something different already. My resolution would be that this will become my new routine.

My husband works out four days a week,  and rides his mountain bike once a week. He recommended was that I work out the same routine as his two days a week. I do my own routine once a week, and swimming once a week. I still hope that the gym finds good instructors for yoga, so that I could do yoga once a week.

In the afternoon, he runs around Laguna Lake four days a week. He recommended that I walk while he run.

These are good challenges to me! I will have to do some time management. So far, I have been doing those with him for several weeks. The photos are our new workout routine. Except when he lifts 200 pounds, I lift 20-30 pounds! We take turns to do 2 sets of 16 counts each.



Weekly Photo Challenge: New Horizon

– Photos by Miriam Hurdle

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Flow

We went on the afternoon walk around Laguna Lake in our neighborhood. It’s always intriguing to watch these graceful ducks go with the flow on the water leisurely.


Once in awhile they make a turn with no hurry.


The water reflects the late afternoon sun creating golden color. What a relaxing life the ducks have!


Tuesday Photo Challenge – Flow

Camera: Canon SX 700 HS 30X Optical Zoom, Point and Shoot

– Photo by Miriam Hurdle