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Wisteria Festival at Kameido Tenjin Shrine

Itchy Feet

IMG_0026 There are 100+ varieties hanging on 15 trellises. Wisteria flowers begin blooming all at once starting in late April to early May. These lovely lavender-colored flowers are comprised of several bunches and look stunning when dangled from trellises.

IMG_0013The best place to see them is KameidoTenjin Shrine, a Shinto shrine dedicated to the god of study. People visit the shrine not only to pray for success in examinations but also to enjoy the Fuji Matsuri (Wisteria Festival).

IMG_9281IMG_9324The shrine is also famous for its drum bridge, a highly arched pedestrian bridge associated with gardens in Japan. The temple grounds are reminiscent of the Edo period with a small lake complete with koi fish, turtles, and ducks lounging under a canopy of wisteria.IMG_0008

IMG_0021 Tokyo Sky Tree provides a perfect backdrop for the wisteria flowers The 634 meter high Tokyo Sky Tree looms in the background of the shrine and adds to…

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