August 2016   Spain


Portland, Oregon – February 2015

Maui Hawaii – October 2014

Germany, Austria – April 2013

China, Hong Kong – June 2012

Maui, Hawaii – August 2011

Our summer travel was at the end of August.  We went to Maui.  My husband and I got married in Maui on August 19, 1996.  We went back once in the following year, but we had not been back since then.  It was an exciting yet relaxing trip for us.  We stayed in Kihei.  It was a wonderful trip!

Key West, Florida – January 2011

Portland, Oregon – February 2011

China, Bangkok – February 2008

Portland, Oregon, Multnomah Fall – February 2008

Anchorage, Alaska – September 2007

Vancouver, B.C. – January 2007

Europe – May 2006

North Carolina – September 2005

China – March 2005

Boston – February 2004

Wyoming, Yellowstone – July 2003

Arizona – July 2003

Australia – August 2002












































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